Gaming Terms to Impress Your Kids


Gamers tend to have a whole language of their own. As a parent, are you lost when your kids start throwing out gaming terms you don’t know the meaning of? You’re not alone! GameTruck Chicago has compiled a list of popular gaming terms. This Father’s Day, if you decide to celebrate by playing video games with your kids, you can use these terms and your kids will sure to be impressed.


To pwn someone in video games is to completely defeat an opponent or rival. The term began as a typo (“o” is right next to “p” on a qwerty keyboard), but evolved into a deliberate misspelling of the word “own.” The word is not as widespread as it used to be, but it’s still an important term to know. It’s a synonym for the term “rekt.”


N00b (sometimes simply spelled noob) is a derivation of the word newbie, which is an unskilled or inexperienced player. We’re not exactly sure when the term started being used in the video game world, but it’s good to know if you start playing video games with your kids, as they’ll probably call you one.


In the world of video games, a boss refers to a particularly difficult antagonist. If you defeat the boss, you typically complete a chapter in the game. Bosses are stronger and have more narrative significance than the other enemies in the game.


A scrub in video game terms is a person who is bad at video games. Some people go further with the term by defining a scrub as a gamer with a bad attitude and a tendency to blame their losing on anything or anyone besides themselves. Parents: as long as you’re not a sore loser, you will probably be spared this nickname and merely called a n00b (see above).

Easter Eggs

An easter egg is a piece of hidden information within a game. They are typically comical and have no effect on gameplay. An easter egg can come in the form of a secret bonus level or hidden message coded into the game by the developers.


A nerf is a change to a game that reduces the power of a skill or weapon in order to maintain game balance. The term refers to the Nerf brand of toys that are soft and do not cause injury. The opposite of nerf is “buff.”

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