7 Non-Traditional Fall Fun Ideas

Prep the pumpkins; October is almost here! It’s time to get ready for weekend fun with apple cider, hay rides, and perhaps some spooky movies. You want your kids to look back at this time with fond memories. You want this season to be new and fun for your family, but to do that, you need to stock up on some non-traditional fall fun ideas that won’t break the bank. Your friends here at GameTruck understand that, so we’ve put together this awesome list of non-traditional ways to create excitement and memories with your family this season! Check them out! 

  • National Bookshop Day
    • Pick up a new book to celebrate! Reading with your kids is a wonderful way to build their vocabulary and reading skills. 
  • International Coffee Day
    • This October 1st holiday could be fun to celebrate in many different ways, but if you’re a coffee lover, get a coffee! Is there a new coffee shop or drink you’d like to try? Maybe you could surprise your friend or significant other with their favorite drink? You could invite a friend to hang out at your favorite coffee shop or bring the kids for a “mommy and me” date with coffee and their favorite drink. 

  • World Card Making Day
    • Bust out those crafting supplies to fill someone’s day with love because, let’s be honest, we all enjoy receiving things in the mail besides bills and junk mail. 

  • Eat Better, Eat Together Month
    • In the craziness of life, it can be hard to pause and connect with yourself and your family. Celebrating this month encourages parents to model the value of making good choices and spending time with the special people in their life. From cooking together to ordering healthy foods at a restaurant, this fun idea can be modified to best fit your family schedule. 

  • Video Game Party
    • Invite your kid’s new classmates over for an exciting memory-building experience they won’t forget. No matter what the weather is like outside, GameTrucks are always the perfect temperature inside. With hundreds of games to choose from, classics, and new releases, your kid will love deepening their friendship with new and old friends. Call your local GameTruck today to book your fall party! 

  • National Cookie and Pretzel Month
    • Grab Grandma’s secret recipe or from your Pinterest board! Cooking with your kids is a great way to build new memories and teach them life skills. October is both cookie and pretzel month, so you could dedicate two separate weekends to doing this with the kids. 
    • You could also visit a local bakery to support local businesses and order your favorite cookies there! 

Even though September is closing, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Try one or all of these ideas this season! You’ll save the day from boredom and may discover a new family tradition along the way. Subscribe to our email newsletter to ensure you never miss out on our latest family fun guide blogs to help you create lifelong memories with your kids. 

Best Video Games for Ages 3 – 6

Watching your kids grow up is a roller coaster of emotions: happiness, sadness, worry, excitement, and others. As they grow, they develop new interests; for many kids, gaming starts early. You want age-appropriate fun for your kids that’ll help them connect and make memories with their friends, but to do that, you need to find games that are right for your family. 

You might ask yourself, “What video game is best for my six-year-old?” or “Are there any games my three-year-old can play?” 

When it comes to finding a suitable game for your family, we understand how hard it can be, so your friends at GameTruck have put together a list of the best video games by age. Whether you’re planning your next birthday party in the mobile gaming theater or smashing boredom during family game night, you can rest easy knowing your kids will have a blast!

Age 3 -4

  • Super Mario Maker 2
    • This is an excellent option for kids to explore and express their creativity! With more building components, a full campaign mode, and different online multiplayer options, super Mario maker two engages a child’s creativity digitally. 
  • New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
    • This team is one of the best Nintendo Switch games around for kids! With two new playable characters that help kids connect and approach the game. It is also co-op for up to four players allowing families to play together.
  • LEGO Marvel Collection
    • The Lego series has always been great games for kids looking to get into gaming. This game is great for kids to work on teamwork and communication while playing as their favorite superheroes with co-op play.
  • Rayman Legends
    • This 2D scrolling game is another wonderful game to introduce kids to gaming. It offers fun, artistic design with stress-free gameplay. With co-op for up to four players, it could be the next game you try out at your family game night. 

Age 5-6

  • New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
    • This team is one of the best Nintendo Switch games around for kids! With two new playable characters that help kids connect and approach the game. It is also co-op for up to four players allowing families to play together.
  • Minecraft
    • Think of this game as digital Legos. It encourages kids to express their creative side While surviving and exploring an unknown world. Many teachers and schools also use Minecraft as it presents several educational benefits.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    • This simulation game is very similar to Minecraft because it encourages children to be creative. They learn how to set goals and work towards achieving them. 
  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus
    • This is a great Pokémon RPG for parents and kids to play together. This term-based game follows the story of a young kid on a mission to be the very best trainer in the world. But, watch out! You will need Pokémon friends to protect you as wild Pokémon, if disturbed, will attack. 

The gaming world offers numerous choices for players of all ages, but knowing which games are right for your family can be intimidating and overwhelming. You want to protect your kids while still letting them have fun. Review this list the next time your family needs a new game to find the best fit for your kiddos!

Six Fall Party Ideas

Did you feel that chilly breeze? Even if you didn’t, fall is peeking around the corner with its bright leaves, pumpkins, and bonfires. You want to give your family a cool fall party; they won’t forget. One that’ll have all of your friends talking about for years. You want a party focused on creating life-long memories, but maybe you’re stuck on what to do? You want a great party that makes your guests and bank account happy. Do you want something unique and not overdone? Then check out this fall party idea list from your friends at GameTruck! This list will bring smiles to your friends, family, and bank account.

  • Outdoor Game Night
    • Take family game night outside! Enjoy the brisk weather, playing your family’s favorite game as the sun goes down. If you’re planning this idea out a couple of weeks before, see if your local store has yard games like cornhole or tic-tac-toe on sale from the summer. Ask your friends to bring a game that is special to their family. This offers alternatives and choices without being overwhelming for kids. 

  • Laser Tag
    • Grab some friends and host a Laser Tag Party! Whether it’s for adults, kids, or both, everyone will have a great time! Want help setting up and running the party? Check with your local Game Truck to see if they can help. They offer obstacles to transform your backyard into a thrilling combat arena, taggers, various exciting missions, a game coach to referee, and much more! 
  • Build your own Hot Chocolate Bar
    • Adults and kids alike will love this idea! Create sweet memories building your own unique hot chocolate drink. This budget-friendly idea offers something for everyone. 

  • Mobile Video Game Theater
    • Wanting a low-stress, no-clean-up celebration idea that speaks to everyone? Try a GameTruck party! With over 200 games, there’s something for everyone. From new releases to retro, we offer excitement for up to 18 people at a time! This is a great party idea for big or multiple families to play together and create memories with family and friends doing something they love with no clean-up or stress for you. Click here to schedule your GameTruck Party. 

  • Farm to Table Dinner Party
    • Split the dinner responsibilities and enjoy adult conversations while creating a delicious meal. Decide on the entree, sides, salads, and dessert beforehand. Have everyone decide what they want to bring over and prepare at your house. This ensures that there will be something that everyone will enjoy. Cooking is a great way to connect with your kids and friends. 
    • Bonus tip: For an even more community-building time, allow people to help clean up and do dishes. 

  • Homemade Pizza Cook Off
    • Embrace your inner chef with an easy pizza recipe your kids will love! Split the responsibilities with other adults, assigning ingredients to different people. Let the kiddos decorate the pizza(s) with the toppings they love! This party idea can be cheap and laid back while still offering many options and modifications based on preference and diet. 

Daydreaming about fall is fun, and what better way to celebrate than with a unique fall party? Try one of these ideas this season to bring smiles to everyone, creating cool memories with friends and family.