10 Summer Family Activities (that won’t break the bank)

Summer is for new, fun-filled adventures! Need help coming up with family time ideas that’ll entertain the whole family without spending a lot of money? Are you struggling to come up with activities that would appeal to your kids? Try one (or all) of these awesome ideas!

  1. Create & Perform a Play

Tailor this idea to fit your child’s interests. Writing the script, creating the set, acting, and directing all can be explored in this event. Let your child explore their creative side with the dramatic arts in a fun, laid-back way that the whole family and extended family can enjoy. 

  1. Squirt Gun Painting

Unleash the inner artist with this unique approach to painting! You’ll need some paper, an easel, watercolors, and of course, that deadly weapon. 

  1. Gelly Ball

This safe, fun alternative to airsoft and paintball will entertain your kids for hours. The best part? There’s NO mess! Let us help you create this awesome summer experience with our gear, obstacles, various types of missions, and expert game coaches. Click here to see if your local GameTruck offers Gelly Ball. For more cool information on Gelly Ball, click here

  1. Make a Time Capsule

Memories are priceless, and that’s what’s special about this idea. Your kid(s) will love getting to put this together, and will cherish the moment you get to open the capsule as a family in the future. 

Bonus Idea: Make a treasure map to where your capsule is buried.

  1. Volunteer as a Family in something that your child is passionate about

Help your child develop their sense of citizenship by volunteering as a family. Let them pick something they are passionate about. From walking dogs at the animal shelter to filling up a blessing box, there are numerous ways that kids can help make the world a better place. 

  1. Laser Tag

Grab some friends and host a Laser Tag Party! Whether it’s for adults, kids, or both, everyone will have a great time! Want help setting up and running the party? Check with your local Game Truck to see if they can help. They offer obstacles to transform your backyard into a thrilling combat arena, taggers, various exciting missions, a game coach to referee, and so much more! 

  1. Plant an Herb Garden

Want to teach your child a valuable life skill for pennies? Grab mason jars or old containers you have around the house, fill with dirt, and select some herbs. Each one presents a different benefit. Allow your child to help you research and pick which ones you’d like to plant. Make sure to store your garden on a windowsill or the patio!

  1. Flashlight Tag

Bust out those flashlights for some night-time fun! This game combines tag with hide an seek for a game that kids are sure to love! 

  1. Make an Aquarium

This fun craft is a great way to spend the afternoon. 

You will need…

  • Mason Jars
  • Water and Blue Food Coloring 
  • Decorations: Plastic fish or aquatic life, plastic plants and rocks, and glitter (optional)


  • Place rocks, plants, and any other decorations first.
  • Fill with water. Add Food Coloring. (If you are using glitter, you may add it now). 
  • Add your fish. 

Gently swirl your craft to watch the aquarium come to life! 

  1.  A Water Pinata

Fill up a ballon with water, and get a cool, pleasant surprise when it breaks that doesn’t involve lots of sugar. Your kid(s) will love getting to break this pinata over and over again. 

Summer is the perfect time to create new memories everyday as a family! Give your kids a summer they’ll remember for years to come!

5 Free Ideas to Gear Up for Summer

Are you struggling to come up with ideas for what to do this summer? With no school, it can be hard to fill those calendars with exciting things to do. So, don’t get caught empty-handed this summer! Now is the time to start preparing for an awesome summer of memories and entertainment for the whole family. Here are 5 free ways to start preparing for the best summer ever with your kids! 

  1. Create a STEAM board. 

Let’s make learning fun! While we’re all familiar with STEM, a new educational approach is rising in popularity: STEAM or “science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics”. The goal is to make learning fun and exciting while helping kids explore and express their creativity. Through this approach, kids are developing both their left and right brains and having a good time while doing it. 

Let your child’s interests guide what activities you pick. For boys like my son who love bugs, an experiment like Rainbow Chromatography Insects would be perfect! (Don’t worry there’s no real bugs:) We get to learn about Chromatography or the separation of a mixture as it passes through another solution, while being artistic with different colors to “paint” our bugs. 

STEAM is a popular new educational trend that puts kids and their interests at the center while making learning fun. Plus, we as parents get to look like smarty-pants even if we only learned about it 5 minutes ago!

Check out Pinterest for some great STEAM ideas that your kid would love to try. 

  1. Ask other Moms

Just like the best recipes can come from grandma, sometimes the best ideas come from fellow moms. Ask your friends for ideas on things that their kids loved. Not only could you discover the next big hit, you may be able to do it with your mom friends and have some time together while the kids play! 

  1. Follow GameTruck Blog and Social Media

Don’t get caught with a boring summer. Let us help you rock this time with a constant flow of exciting ideas to help your kids grow, explore, create, and play. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok for a summer that your kids won’t forget!

  1. Grab some Calendars

Visit some local places like museums, libraries, shops, your community center and others to pick up an event calendar. Many times these places will do free events for the community. Go through and highlight ones that you think your family would be interested in. Use these to fill up your family calendar with free, fun activities to do.

  1. Make a list

Ask your kids what they would like to do this summer. Maybe there’s a new hobby, Game, skill, or place they’d like to visit. By asking for your kids input you are showing that you value their voice and opinion and want to have a great summer with them.

During the summer months, it can be hard to find things to do with the kids that appeal to them. As moms, we want them to be entertained while exploring and growing. The most important element for gearing up for an action-packed summer is being on the look-out for fun and seizing the moment when you find it.

Race Into Sonic The Hedgehog 2 | Family Fun For Everyone

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 has been out for just over a month and thus far the reviews are showing some love. I took my kids to see it last weekend and was so happy I did. My kiddos were too, as they soaked up every minute of it.

(No spoilers here, just a few solid reasons why you should go see this awesome movie)

I wont ruin it for you with spoilers or plot reveals. Basically the movie follows our little blue pal Sonic as he races into adventure, this time with a side kick (or two). The objective, as it was in the games, is to defeat Dr. Egghead – hardly a spoiler there.

If you are thinking about taking your children to see this movie, do it. Here are 5 reasons why you should:

  1. Nostalgia runs DEEP. Is there anything better than the way things were when you were a kid? Well, when you were a kid, Sonic was a superstar in a video game franchise that rivaled Mario.
  2. Your kids deserve to continue to get to know Sonic. Sonic is and was so much more than the fastest creature in the universe, he is also one of the coolest. This movie continues to drive that point home.
  3. Family time is fun and healthy time, even at the movie theater. Spending time with your kiddos at the movie theater is a super cool way to have a shared entertainment experience. Even if you are watching something differently, you can still share your thoughts and feelings during and after.
  4. It will give your kids a reason to beg you to dust off that old Sega Genesis. After the movie is over, just wait for the questions to pop about your playing days. I am always up for an excuse to bust out an old console, crack my knuckles, and educate the youth on what real game play looks like!
  5. Everything is cooler on the BIG SCREEN. You might be thinking, “I will just watch this when it comes out on streaming services.” If that sounds like you, change your mindset. Watching the drama unfold in a movie theater gives everyone a good experience that they’ll remember. There’s just something magical about the movies!

So, there you have it, a solid, family fun activity for you to do this weekend courtesy of your friends here at GameTruck. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 will bring you back, make you laugh, and put you in touch with your inner kid again. Watching with my children made me appreciate where my family is today and I know it will have a similar effect for you too.