Pamper Yourself! We’ll Take Care of the Kids.

Need a “you” day? Feeling burnt-out, worn-out, and just tired? Then this is for you! As moms, it can be so easy to forget about ourselves. We give 110% of ourselves to everyone else that we often neglect ourselves. This isn’t healthy or beneficial long-term. Moms need a recharge just as much as anyone else.

But what are you going to do about the kids? Leave that to us. We offer a wide variety of fun events, run by our all-star staff who specialize in fun and child engagement! Give your local franchise a call, or click here to schedule a fun event for the kids while you take care of yourself.

You might even want to get other moms in and plan a pampered mom day! Need some ideas?

We got you.

Here are four ideas on how to pamper yourself while we take care of the kids:

  1. Give Yourself Permission…
    • Many women struggle with taking a break. We can feel guilty for spending time on ourselves. We often allow negative thoughts and feelings to deprive us of self-care. It’s human to need a break. Everyone needs a recharge at some point. Give yourself permission to breathe. Take a moment for yourself. It’s ok to focus on you. 

  2. Upgrade the “At Home Spa” Experience
    • We all know the drill with Spa Day, but let’s upgrade it to the next level. Before we arrive at your house, spend some time decorating your bathroom. Whip out those candles and relaxation plants. Aloe Vera, Basil, Lavender, and Chamomile are excellent choices for relieving stress and anxiety. If you’re not a “green thumb”, fake plants are great as well! Spicing your bathroom up with a bit of greenery can help your space feel less like a bathroom and more like the getaway retreat you deserve. 

  3. Pick up an Adult Craft Kit
    • Explore your crafty side with a pre-made kit in something that interests you. From painting to calligraphy to making felt succulents, pre-made craft kits can help you detach from stress. You may also discover a  cool, new hobby at an affordable price. Creativity can bring blessings to you and to others. Others can appreciate and admire the beauty of your artwork. Even if the craft doesn’t turn out quite as planned, it can serve as a great expectation vs. reality post on social media, giving laughter to your friends and family. Pre-made craft kits are a great way to express yourself, let go of stress, bring joy to others, and possibly help you discover a new passion. 

  4. Experiment with a new Coffee or Tea
    • Whether you’re a coffee or tea person, find a new favorite drink with this hack. Before we arrive, google a recipe that you’re dying to try, order the ingredients, and treat yourself while we’ve got the kids. Nothing compliments the relaxing atmosphere better than a new comfort drink. If you feel like sharing the love, post your drink on social media with the recipe for all of your friends to try as well!
    • Additional Idea: Invite a friend or two over to make their own drinks! Compare drinks to see which is your favorite. 

In the hustle of life, it can be easy to allow self-care to slip to the bottom of our to-do list. You may wrestle with guilt for spending time on yourself. Don’t! Taking care of yourself is vitally important. Pause, breathe and give yourself permission to pamper yourself in one of these new ways while the kids are having a blast with us. 

4 Family Staycation Ideas You Need to Try

Are you tired, overworked, exhausted, and in need of a vacation? Everyone loves them. They’re refreshing and energizing, but unfortunately, they can be expensive. That’s why you need a staycation! Cut out all the major expenses of a vacation while still reaping all the benefits!

Here are 4 staycation ideas that’ll rejuvenate you and your whole family, while creating fun memories that’ll last a lifetime: 

  1. Learn a New Hobby
    • Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill or hobby but have never gotten around to it? Why not do it now with your kids?! Discovering a new hobby is a great way to invest in yourself and your child. You can explore new things together while creating fun memories. Developing these new skills can give you and your child something to look forward to doing together. It can energize your weekly schedule from the boring grind. Learning a new hobby or skill together can spark fun conversations that strengthen your bond. 

  2. Family Cooking Night
    • As parents, we desire to see our kids succeed in life and have fun while doing it. Teaching valuable life skills doesn’t have to be boring! Host a family cooking night where your kids can be the chef. Guide them in all the basics of cooking from washing vegetables to dinner clean-up. A family cooking night not only teaches your child important life skills, but it can also help them discover a new skill that they’d like to explore more. 
    • Additional Note: This idea may require some prep time from you. Pick a meal(s) beforehand that your family will love and have age-appropriate skills. If your recipe or evening doesn’t turn out as planned, it’ll be ok. Some of the best memories arise from the unexpected. A kitchen mishap might become your next family inside joke. 

  3. Water Tag Day
    • Grab your super soaker and prepare for battle! Beat the heat in a fun game of water tag. Invite friends and family over to witness this great battle. As a contestant, you’ll love getting to show the kiddos who’s boss with your expert tag skills. If you’re a spectator, enjoy the laughs, cheer your heart out, or enjoy the personal space. It’s up to you! Either way, your family will love beating the heat with WaterTag. 
    • Additional Idea: Set up objects for kids to hide and take cover behind. Create special matches such as boys vs girls, capture the flag, parents vs. kids, and others. OR click here to see if your local GameTruck franchise will come out and run a WaterTag event for you! (yes, many of our franchises do WaterTag events!)

  4. Retro Game Night
    1. Whether you were a master detective with Clue or a Mario fanatic, give your kids a glimpse into your childhood with this staycation idea. Pick a board, card, or video game that you played as a child and introduce it to your family. Your children will get to discover a cool, new-to-them game, while you relive your childhood memories with your favorite people. Who knows, maybe you’ll start your next family tradition. 

      Want us to deliver the games and fun? Click here and book a retro video game party your family will love.

Staycations are a great alternative or addition to vacation. They can spark new conversations, create new memories, develop life skills, and deepen your bonds as a family.