Why We Love Battle Royale Games!

Battle Royale games are everywhere these days. Here at GameTruck Atlanta, we can’t get enough of them! What makes them so great is that they are accessible for everyone. They’re simple to learn, you can find them on any console or device, and most are free to play. Since we love them so much, we’ve put together this list of our reasons why.

It’s On Everything

Anyone can get in on the action of a Battle Royale because it’s on so many different systems. Fortnite definitely leads the pack – it can be played on PC/Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch, but you can also get PUBG most of those systems, including mobile, too. Apex Legends and Blackout are out on PS4, Xbox, and PC, while Ring of Elysium is currently on Steam for PC.

The point is this: there are a ton of options to play these amazing games which makes it so accessible. It may never be ported to as many things as Doom, but it’s a good start!

You can book your party with GameTruck Atlanta, and we will bring all the best Battle Royale games to you in our state-of-the-art trucks with HDTVs, pulse-pumping sound systems, the latest consoles, and dozens of other titles!

Fast Game Play

Have a few minutes to kill (pun intended)? Battle Royales are great because the average match lasts about 15 minutes. Fire-up PUBG or Fortnite on mobile and play a game anywhere.

The beauty in this system comes from players having to fight in a smaller and smaller circle which forces them into each other. Players that are caught outside of it will lose health until they die. When you’re done, get matched up in minutes with other players and start a new game.

Anyone Can Be A Winner

Unlike other First Person Shooter games, Battle Royale games are not only about how fast you can reload or what kind of weapons you can buy. That means anyone can play them and be successful. As user ‘Kezrik’ posted on this Epic Games forum:

“I’m pretty terrible at FPS games but I enjoy the strategy of surviving and guessing where people are going to be coming from and headed to, etc. I have only won once, and there was a lot of luck involved, but I feel like I set myself up for the win by playing smart.”

A lot of users have this same experience, too. It can be hard to compete with people who have been playing Call of Duty or Destiny for a long time, but the different elements in Battle Royale games make it easier for newcomers to compete.

Free To Play

Apex Legends, PUBG, Fortnite, Ring of Elysium, and Planetside Arena are all free to play. That’s right – free! This makes them really easy for anyone to download and play. While Call of Duty 4 is required to play Blackout, you don’t have to pay anything extra to play Blackout once you buy CoD 4.

This makes playing a Battle Royale accessible for everyone, so there’s no shortage of players to compete with!

Really Cool Skins

The games are free to play, but there is plenty to spend money on to make the game more interesting. In Apex Legends, Apex Packs provide you with extra loot, and to keep the game fair, the loot is only cosmetic.

In Fortnite, you can buy skins to change your characters up. You don’t get any improvements, but who wouldn’t want to run around looting as Beef Boss? It may not make you a better player, but it sure is cool!

Experience Your Favorite Battle Royales In A Whole New Way

Battle Royales are made to be played online with a ton of people. GameTruck Atlanta can bring a whole new, unique, and memorable gaming experience to you with our high-end party trucks. So, go ahead and contact us online today for pricing and availability, or call us at (866) 253-3191.

BubbleSoccer Extravaganza this Spring!

It’s spring, so it’s warming up here in Jacksonville! Of course, our GameTruck video game parties are a lot of fun, but it is important for children to get outside and start playing. Here is an in-depth look at one of the other exciting experiences from GameTruck that will get your children away from the screen and into the beautiful Florida sunshine.

What is BubbleSoccer?

BubbleSoccer, also known as BubbleFootball or BubbleBall, is a game just like soccer except played with inflatable bubbles that surround the players. It is played either inside or outside. The ball covers the upper body and leaves the legs exposed, so the players can run and jump. At GameTruck, we transform your yard or local park into a 25’x50’ BubbleSoccer Arena with five players on each team. Just like soccer, the object is to get the ball into the goal. Unlike soccer, players have fun bouncing off their friends and rolling around on the ground.

How Did it Start?

BubbleSoccer started in 2011 in Norway on a comedy sports show called Golden Goal. It didn’t really take off until 2014 when a video of an Italian BubbleSoccer game was uploaded on YouTube. You can see from the video, it’s just as fun to watch as it is to play! After the video, BubbleSoccer started popping up all over the world from parks to college campuses and indoor soccer fields!

Is it Safe?

This is the number one question that we get from parents. BubbleSoccer is a contact sport; therefore, safety is our #1 priority. While there are risks involved, our trained GameCoaches supervise the event to make sure everyone is having a safe and fun time. There are rules against illegal tackles like tripping, grabbing, and kicking. Also, players are only allowed to try to knock down the player with the ball. Our bubbles come in three different sizes, so there is a right fit for everyone.

What are the Rules?

The game is played with rules similar to Soccer. The object of the game is to score more goals than your opponent. However, some of the more complex rules of soccer, like offside rules, are removed to make the game easier to play. To keep the players safe, there are rules against illegal hits. A player cannot know down another player without the ball, and a player cannot prevent another player from getting up.

Schedule Your Game of BubbleSoccer Today!

GameTruck Jacksonville can create a safe, unforgettable BubbleSoccer experience. Our trained GameCoaches will supervise your event, so parents can have fun watching! Call us today at (866) 253-3191 for a free quote or fill out our online form for pricing and availability.

Get Your Kids Outside and Enjoy Springtime!

Kids can’t stay inside and play video games all the time. Okay… so they technically CAN, if we’d let them, but we know that they shouldn’t. But how do we get our kids outside and enjoying springtime? GameTruck San Jose made this list that is sure to get your kids outside and moving.

Make it a Group Activity

Call some friends and take them to the park. If you have space, bring their friends over to play in the yard. Outdoor group socialization is important for child development. It is necessary for children to play together for physical, cognitive, social, and emotional well-being. Children learn valuable skills when they play together like problem-solving, creative-thinking, and cooperation with others. If you gather your child’s friends together for outdoor play, they will be much more willing to play outside. Also, their friends’ parents will thank you for encouraging their kids to play outside – and for giving them a break! If you’re in San Jose, take them for a giant game of Monopoly in Discovery Meadow.

Teach Them Some Old Games

Teaching children about the favorite games that you played as a child creates a connection between the two of you. It is also a fantastic way to get you involved in playing with them outside, and it’s always amusing for parents to reminisce about their own childhood! Your child might already play some of these games at recess or daycare, but let them know it was once your favorite, too.

Schedule An Event

Scheduling an event can be another great way to get your children’s friends together and engage them in some outdoor play. Here’s a cool idea for a DIY treasure hunt. The treasure hunt taps into all those skills that outdoor play encourages: co-operation, problem-solving, and creative thinking. Or, create an event your children will always remember. GameTruck San Jose can turn any outdoor space, like a park or yard, into an awesome gaming party. That way, your child and their friends can game and play outside. It’s win-win!

Start a Competition

“Bet you can’t catch me!” A little competition may motivate your children to get moving outside. While not every child is competitive, if your child likes a contest, use it to your advantage. Games like horse, cornhole, and horseshoes, are enjoyable, and they also require little exertion on the parent’s part.

 Bring Indoor Activities Outside

Put down a blanket and get out a book! Just being outside in the sun helps keep children healthy by producing much needed vitamin D. Indoor games brought outside will take on a unique spin on an old classic when played outdoors. For example, with a little spray paint, you can make your own outdoor twister board. Another activity to take to the backyard is painting. Set-up a huge canvas that will allow your child to have a ton of fun and get messy, but since the painting is done outside, clean-up will be easy; just get out the hose! Once the paint dries, put the canvas up somewhere inside, so everyone can admire their masterpiece.


Get Outdoors with GameTruck San Jose

Looking for something more exciting than these tried and true activities? Combine an outdoor day at the park with your children’s favorite video games. Just confirm the availability with your local park ahead of time, and GameTruck San Jose can bring the party to you. Request a free quote here or call us at (866) 253-3191 today!