Make Team Building Fun Again

In today’s day and age, companies strive to improve and promote their company culture. Employee engagement ideas such as in-office lunches, group happy hour and company retreats just don’t cut it anymore. Game Truck Charlotte is the perfect place to host your next big corporate team building event, as it simultaneously brings out the child in you while promoting fellowship within your company.

Why GameTruck?

At Game Truck, employees are given the opportunity to strengthen their relationships outside of the office through stimulating, exciting events like laser tag and video games. These well-known kids games aren’t just for kids anymore – they’re ideal team building activities for work. Typical boy and girl birthday party ideas are transformed into corporate team building games that encourage communication, collaboration, and creative thinking within your company.

Find Your Inner Child

Children’s games are often dismissed by adults in the corporate world and labeled frivolous, however, birthday party games such as laser tag inspire playfulness and inclusiveness among employees. When a company allows their employees to let loose and have fun, the possibilities for growth and corporate team building are endless. Game Truck offers a unique venue that celebrates shared activities and adventure for all. Employee engagement ideas should never be predictable and uninspired; they should embrace Game Truck Charlotte’s pillars of fun, where truck games, laser quest, and other exhilarating events reign supreme.

GameTruck Charlotte: The Game Changer for Your Corporate Event

Think beyond family reunions, holiday party ideas, and wedding reception ideas. Participating in kids’ games is a unique solution for any corporate team-building event, as it provides a total escape from the office that promises to make a lasting impression on employees. What better way to get to know your co-workers than to promote a little healthy competition? GameTruck Charlotte is truly a game changer for your next corporate event, as it’s sure to make team building fun again. To book your next corporate event please call (866)253-3191 or visit our website.

Best Birthday Party Idea Ever

If you’re looking for a unique activity for an upcoming birthday party, give GameTruck San Jose a call.

Hosting a birthday party takes lots of planning and effort whether it’s for a child, teen, or adult. You’ve got to figure out your budget, decide on a venue, determine the guest list, and worry about the invitations, food, drinks, and decorations. But probably the most important decision is the entertainment – so your guests are sure to have a great time.

Set a Theme

Since themed birthday parties are all the rage, this year why not take a totally unique approach and host a video game party? The best part of this idea is that the “party” comes right to you.

Inside GameTruck’s state-of-the-art mobile gaming trailer your party guests will enjoy a climate controlled game theater with comfortable couch seating for up to 16 players, plenty of TVs, the latest video game consoles and loads of new and classic games.

Let GameTruck’s GameCoaches Prep Your Party

Under the supervision of your Certified GameCoach, guests of all ages can participate in individual or team competitions that keep them entertained and engaged for hours.

We’ve got years of experience hosting exciting video gaming events with a soft spot for birthdays – we even help you with your digital party invitations.

Find the Best Fit!

We have several gaming party package options sure to fit your budget:

• 2 Hours of Play
• PartyLink Digital Invites
• Certified GameCoach

• 2 Hours of Play
• PartyLink Digital Invites
• Certified GameCoach
• 20 Silicone Wrist Bands
• 1 VIP Lanyard
• 1 Reflective Backpack

• 3 Hours of Play
• PartyLink Digital Invites
• Certified GameCoach
• 20 Silicone Wrist Bands
• 1 VIP Lanyard
• 1 Reflective Backpack

So, GameTruck comes to you, surprises and delights your guests for hours and is reasonably priced – that checks off a lot on your party planning “to do” list.

GameTruck San Jose is Ready to Give You the Best Party Ever

Give GameTruck San Jose a call today at 866-253-3191 or click here to get a quote.

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3 Reasons A GameTruck Party Is Perfect For Your End-Of-Semester Party

After a semester filled with late nights, early morning classes, nerve-racking quizzes and stressful finals, you’ve made it to the end of the semester. It’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders as you walk out of your final exam. First, you’ll probably want to take a nap to reward yourself for your hard work. But how will you celebrate?

One great way to acknowledge your well-deserved holiday break is to throw a party for your classmates to unwind and high-five themselves. If you’re an educator looking for a way to engage with your students, hosting an event is a great idea. But what kind of entertainment will you have at your end-of-semester party?

A mobile video gaming party is the perfect way to make sure everyone has a great time, and GameTruck is the only vendor you should consider. GameTruck Inland Empire––one of our many GameTruck franchises––is a premier entertainment provider in Southern California. No matter where you are in the Riverside–San Bernardino–Ontario region, we’ll bring the fun to you. Here are some reasons you’ll benefit from our services at your end-of-semester party.

1. It’s The Perfect Way To Relax

After spending so much time with your nose buried in books, playing some of your favorite video games with your friends is an incredible way to unwind. Even if you aren’t a video game lover, GameTruck Inland Empire will have something you’ll enjoy among our dozens of video game titles.

2. You Can Keep Things Casual

With you and your guests likely exhausted from the school semester, a fancy extravaganza is the last thing on your mind. A GameTruck party is perfect for any event, regardless of formality, and it’s a great addition to an already laid-back end-of-semester shindig.

3. Planning Won’t Be Stressful

You’ve already had enough to worry about these past few months. Don’t let party planning become another stressor. When you plan your event with GameTruck Inland Empire, we take care of the details. From providing invitations to staffing every party with certified GameCoaches who make sure the party goes well, we’re here for anything you need.

GameTruck Is Ready to Help

Reach out to GameTruck Inland Empire to get the end-of-semester fun started. Call our team at 866-253-3191 or click here for a personalized party quote.