9 Indoor Activities for When it’s too Hot Outside

While the warmth of summer can be a blessing, sometimes it just gets unbearable, leaving everyone trapped inside. This can lead to boredom, feeling antsy, and kids having lots of energy to burn off with no outlet to do so. As summer approaches, it doesn’t hurt to have an “emergency activity” prepared for these types of days to save yourself from the insanity. Take a look at our GameTruck approved list of indoor activities for when it’s too hot outside. 

  1. Spy/Superhero Training Course
    • From Laser Limbo to Balloon Crawl to ladder drills, a training course is the ultimate way to release that energy for kids. With a little bit of prep and money for cheap materials, this idea can help entertain the kids for hours. You could include things like Laser Limbo made from streamers, a balloon crawl under the table with balloons hanging down, various ladder drills made from painters tape on the carpet, cones for agility training, and so many other ideas! 

  2. Gametruck Party
    • Let us help you save the day from boredom with a video game party! Grab some mom friends and have a ladies’ day while the kids have a blast with over 200 games to choose from! The kids get to create awesome memories with their friends, while you enjoy the quiet in any way you like with no stress or clean up. Click Here to find your local GameTruck franchise.
  3. Have a Fort Building Contest
    • Customize this idea by either having kids challenge one another or by doing it as a family. Create categories by which to judge the fort(s). 

  4. Fitness Fun
    • No gym membership? No problem! Find tons of free kid-focused workout routines online with Google, Pinterest, or Youtube. They get to burn off that energy while learning about a healthy lifestyle. 
  5. Make Smoothies
    • Grab some fresh fruit, veggies, and the bender for some healthy food fun. Try a recipe or two that you’ve never made before or get adventurous and make your own! Vote on which is your favorite and share it online with your friends and family. 

  6. Do an Art or Science Kit
    • Learning can and should be fun! Grab an art or science kit that you know your child will love and do it with them. These kits can be found online or in most stores. Go on a learning or creative journey with your kid to learn right alongside them. 
  7. Make a Non-Dairy Treat
    • Since June is Non-Dairy Month, google and make a non-dairy treat to enjoy together. Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out Pinterest Perfect. Memories are what truly matter.  

  8. Write a Letter to Someone
    • Everyone loves receiving stuff in the mail – except bills. Your kids can learn a lost skill and brighten a relative’s or friend’s day by writing and mailing a letter to someone.  
  9. Karaoke
    • Have a Singing Competition with Karaoke! This idea can be done with little or no prep and is super customizable! It can be done with or without a Karaoke machine. If you don’t have one, pull up Youtube and find the lyrics to the song. You could select song genres or categories to add more challenges to the competition. 
    • Additional Note: If the kids need to burn a bit more energy, add a dance element to the competition to get them moving and grooving. 

The summer sun can be a blessing and a curse at the same time, but don’t let those hot temperatures keep your family from having an awesome summer! Try an idea off our list, customize it, and beat the boredom! 

Demand Vs Supply

The movie Field of Dreams made the expression, “If you build it, they will come.” become world-famous. However, it later became a bit of a joke to describe many new products and companies.

The implication seemed to be that if you built the thing you dreamed about, others would want it too. It is easy to understand this thinking. After all, The Law of Supply and Demand seems to imply that supply comes first. Created in the 1890s by Alfred Marshall, the Law of Supply and Demand explains pricing in a free market. If supply exceeds demand, then prices will drop. If demand exceeds supply, then prices rise.

The Law of Supply and Demand worked very well to describe the price of commodities. The kinds of products that are widely available, like fruits and vegetables, or raw materials like lumber and iron ore. However, the law does not always explain the price of everything. As many business owners painfully discovered, if you build it, no one may come. A good friend of mine and successful entrepreneur put it better. “The Law of Supply and demand is wrong. It’s not supply and demand. It’s demand, then supply. Demand is more important than supply.” Specifically, he was saying that understanding demand is more important than supply is critical for a business owner.

Why? Because of the word order. In his book, The Infinite Game, Simon Sinek noticed that people expose their true priorities when they speak. We do this unconsciously. Even CEOs with their meticulously curated conference calls and press releases do this. Sinek noticed that if a CEO talked about (1) profits, (2) shareholders, (3) staff, and (4) customers, in that order – her later behavior would put profits ahead of everything else. And guess who was the lowest priority? That’s right, the customers. Sinek shares multiple examples to make his case. CEO actions align with their spoken word order priorities. Regardless of what they print in pamphlets or marketing material, people talk as they think. When a business leader prioritizes supply over demand, they can shift the company’s attention away from the customer and onto the product and how it is delivered. One consequence of this shift in focus is that operations can become more important than sales or marketing. This makes the attention of the organization inward-focused instead of outward-focused.

As an entrepreneur, I want to own a profitable business. Focusing on the operations of my business ahead of the demand can become a dangerous attention trap. How so? With supply, you control most of the variables. When people focus on what they control it is easy to become lazy and complacent. Prioritizing demand, however, makes you think about how you can influence others to act. Convincing someone who doesn’t work for you (as a customer) to take action is a much harder problem to solve than telling your people what to do. Inspiring customer action, therefore, is where more value is created. My goal in my company is to make sure customer desire drives our business, not our own supply. I have watched this play out over the last 16 years in the mobile video game industry. Most independent mobile video game operators focus on the trailer. Video game trailers are cool! Imagine a living room on wheels filled with flat panel displays and loaded with every kind of video game console.

If you haven’t seen one you can go to gametruck.com to check them out. The concept is simple. It is easy to imagine towing a trailer to someone’s house for kids to play video games inside. And many owners focus on doing exactly that. Towing a trailer to someone’s house to host a party. As if that is what customers want; a trailer parked in front of their house. I contend that people do not want trailers. Customers want a celebration. In addition, they want a party that is easy, low stress, and most of all fun for their child. Parents are trying to create feelings of belonging, joy, and recognition for their children. The box on wheels is almost immaterial. I noticed that when we started to offer laser tag.

For a few years, we did not offer laser tag, yet people would call up and ask for it. When our sales team told them, “We do not offer laser tag.” The customers would go ahead and book a GameTruck Party with a mobile video game theater. Two thoughts crossed my mind. One, why were we not selling people things they wanted to buy from us? Second, what were they actually buying from us? I mean, we just told them we didn’t have what they were looking for, yet they continued to reserve a trailer with us. It was a clear sign the equipment was not as important as the experience they wanted their child to have.

From that time, we focused on delivering celebrations (instead of renting trailers). As a result, GameTruck owners have vastly outpaced their competitors in terms of consumer interest. The GameTruck system generates more than 10,000 inbound leads a month. These are calls and form fills from people looking to book a party for their child. Creating demand like this is not easy but has allowed us to become the price leader in every market where we operate. More revenue ensures we can hire the best staff, maintain our equipment, and follow through on our promises. Our dependability may be more valuable than any piece of equipment we use to deliver a party.

By focusing on parent demand, we can align our work to meet it. We created communication systems to increase parental confidence in the GameTruck brand. We train our Game Coaches to understand the parents’ expectations so they can manage them. Finally making sure the party guests have fun, benefits the coaches because of the higher tips they receive.

Understanding demand first, made every aspect of our supply better. I am convinced if GameTruck had only been about renting video game equipment, we would not deliver 30,000 parties a year. Understanding our client’s demands has allowed our owners to scale their vision. More than half of GameTruck owners operate multiple units. GameTruck owners lead the industry in full-time managers, a sign of the size teams they employ. Focusing on customer demand not only made our business better but also created more opportunities for the people who run the franchises. It has become clear to me that a thorough understanding of demand is vastly more important than an understanding of supply.

10 Summer Family Activities (that won’t break the bank)

Summer is for new, fun-filled adventures! Need help coming up with family time ideas that’ll entertain the whole family without spending a lot of money? Are you struggling to come up with activities that would appeal to your kids? Try one (or all) of these awesome ideas!

  1. Create & Perform a Play

Tailor this idea to fit your child’s interests. Writing the script, creating the set, acting, and directing all can be explored in this event. Let your child explore their creative side with the dramatic arts in a fun, laid-back way that the whole family and extended family can enjoy. 

  1. Squirt Gun Painting

Unleash the inner artist with this unique approach to painting! You’ll need some paper, an easel, watercolors, and of course, that deadly weapon. 

  1. Gelly Ball

This safe, fun alternative to airsoft and paintball will entertain your kids for hours. The best part? There’s NO mess! Let us help you create this awesome summer experience with our gear, obstacles, various types of missions, and expert game coaches. Click here to see if your local GameTruck offers Gelly Ball. For more cool information on Gelly Ball, click here

  1. Make a Time Capsule

Memories are priceless, and that’s what’s special about this idea. Your kid(s) will love getting to put this together, and will cherish the moment you get to open the capsule as a family in the future. 

Bonus Idea: Make a treasure map to where your capsule is buried.

  1. Volunteer as a Family in something that your child is passionate about

Help your child develop their sense of citizenship by volunteering as a family. Let them pick something they are passionate about. From walking dogs at the animal shelter to filling up a blessing box, there are numerous ways that kids can help make the world a better place. 

  1. Laser Tag

Grab some friends and host a Laser Tag Party! Whether it’s for adults, kids, or both, everyone will have a great time! Want help setting up and running the party? Check with your local Game Truck to see if they can help. They offer obstacles to transform your backyard into a thrilling combat arena, taggers, various exciting missions, a game coach to referee, and so much more! 

  1. Plant an Herb Garden

Want to teach your child a valuable life skill for pennies? Grab mason jars or old containers you have around the house, fill with dirt, and select some herbs. Each one presents a different benefit. Allow your child to help you research and pick which ones you’d like to plant. Make sure to store your garden on a windowsill or the patio!

  1. Flashlight Tag

Bust out those flashlights for some night-time fun! This game combines tag with hide an seek for a game that kids are sure to love! 

  1. Make an Aquarium

This fun craft is a great way to spend the afternoon. 

You will need…

  • Mason Jars
  • Water and Blue Food Coloring 
  • Decorations: Plastic fish or aquatic life, plastic plants and rocks, and glitter (optional)


  • Place rocks, plants, and any other decorations first.
  • Fill with water. Add Food Coloring. (If you are using glitter, you may add it now). 
  • Add your fish. 

Gently swirl your craft to watch the aquarium come to life! 

  1.  A Water Pinata

Fill up a ballon with water, and get a cool, pleasant surprise when it breaks that doesn’t involve lots of sugar. Your kid(s) will love getting to break this pinata over and over again. 

Summer is the perfect time to create new memories everyday as a family! Give your kids a summer they’ll remember for years to come!