Five Gaming Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind

Advancements in technology are becoming more prevalent and cooler than ever before. Gaming is one industry that enjoys the most extreme technological advances for the simple purpose of having fun.

Let’s explore some upcoming gaming technology that is sure to leave you craving the next mainstream gaming innovation.

Gaming Suits

Suit up and feel fully immersed in your game while this suit pushes and pulls on your body. Feel the simulated force of an explosion or the pulse that hits your body like a paintball exploding on your chest. Gaming suits put playing into real scenarios that provide instant feedback to what is going on in your game.

Facial Recognition

Just like Apple’s rollout of Animojis, facial recognition is hitting the gaming space to provide even more detailed characters. 3D scanning technologies allow gamers to put themselves into their gaming world. By making a virtual version of yourself, players can interact with each other just like they would in reality.

Gesture Control

Using 3D cameras, gamers will have the power to control their console without needing a physical controller. Tracking over 20 points on your hand, Intel’s RealSense can spot where your hand is and what motion it’s making. Losing the controllers, gamers are invited to a more interactive version of their favorite game.

Cloud Gaming

More advanced games mean more intense gaming hardware. However, with cloud computing, gamers will soon experience complex games without the need for bulky hardware. Using the cloud, developers can invite gamers to new leaps in technology that bring complex open worlds that require massive server space using the internet.

Microsoft’s HoloLens

Are you ready for the future? Because the Microsoft HoloLens certainly is. Covering a gamer’s entire vision, the HaloLens eliminates the need for a heavy flat screen shining in front of your face. With the ability to follow your vision at the turn of your neck, the HaloLens simulates a fully immersed gaming field.

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5 Reasons Fortnite is The Ultimate Video Game

Ask any gamer about Fortnite, and you’re guaranteed to receive a ton of thoughts and opinions in return. Currently, Fortnite is one of the top multiplayer video games on the market. Fortnite is everywhere! From internet memes to top celebrities talking about it, and even athletes challenging each other, everybody knows about Fortnite one way or another. And for good reason – It’s an excellent game built like no other.

It’s Free!

Hands down the best part about Fortnite is the fact that it’s free to play. It costs nothing to pick up the game and play. How the game makes its money is through Microtransactions, which mainly alters cosmetics and provides unique and cool unlockables. Real currency is then converted into “v-bucks,” the in-game currency to buy items or a Premium Battle Pass that lasts one season. But these purchases are purely optional and don’t give the player any advantages. Keeping the game pure and free for all gamers to enjoy is what Fortnite is all about.

Play with all your friends, all 100 of them!

Most multiplayer games range from 4 to 18 players, making it difficult if you have a large group of friends that want to play together. Fortnite, unlike most multiplayer games hosts matches of up to 100 players. You can fill entire maps and matches with dozens of groups of friends and people that you know to your heart’s content. It’s like having one huge party whenever you want!

It’s Playable Across All Platforms

One of the limiting factors to many multiplayer games is that not all games exist on all consoles or platforms and many of them don’t have cross-platform compatibility. Fortnite is unique because you can play it across all major consoles, macOS, Windows, iOs, Xbox, PS4, etc. and soon will be available for Android users too. It doesn’t matter what device you have or what device you’re on, and you can play with all your friends anywhere at any time from any gaming device.

Any Level Gamer Can Play

One of the best design features of Fortnite is that it’s fun and easy to play for anyone. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned veteran, Fortnite has a little something for everyone to enjoy and hours upon hours of fun. The visual style of the game is colorful and bright, and although it involves the use of guns, the game is devoid of graphic violence. It incorporates elements of first-person shooters and sandbox games. A battle royale with so many different players – in Fortnite, the sky’s the limit with its endless possibilities.

Plenty of Unique and Cool Customizables

Sometimes games can have mundane and bland characters, offering players little variation or customization. However, Fortnite has that covered. The game provides the ability to unlock different tiers of loot through gameplay time or the Battle Pass; giving players the ability to gain different character skins, banners, emoticons, or skydiving trails to name a few. Players can also acquire unique and popular dance moves that have even broken into the real world with famous athletes and celebrities making them go viral on the net. Fortnite has plenty to unlock and keeps on changing to excite players of all ages.

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Top 5 Video Game Trailers from E3

Every year, video game enthusiasts look forward to E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo – an exciting event where different developers and gaming studios come together to unveil upcoming video game releases. At this highly anticipated event, the top companies release trailers showcasing groundbreaking technologies and never-before-seen products. But with so many games announced for the coming year, it’s difficult to know where to focus your attention.

The team at Gametruck San Jose is here to help – we’ve picked out the top five video game trailers from E3 that you can’t miss!

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite resumes the story of Master Chief where it left off in Halo: Guardians, and from the trailer, we can see that this game promises to continue the epic legacy of the series. With the brand new Slipspace engine serving as the game’s base, the trailer beautifully brings back the sprawling landscapes and action-packed environments that players associate with the Halo series. To top this off – the ending of the trailer shows a twist that is already sending fans into a frenzy.

As the Master Chief loads up a new A.I. into his helmet, we can’t help but wonder – who will take Cortana’s place?

Fallout 76’

The Fallout series is releasing its long-awaited prequel, Fallout 76’, in early November of this upcoming year. The trailer shows that this latest addition plans to improve and innovate on previous games in various ways.

The game takes place 25 years after the nuclear war that devastated Earth, making it the earliest in the entire series. Unlike other Fallout games, 76’ will be an online multiplayer game which can be played individually or with up to 3 other players. Fallout ‘76 will also feature no human NPC’s, as all in-game people will be other players.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

A favorite since the days of the Nintendo Gamecube, Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch only raises the stakes higher and makes some new changes to the party fighting series that many will find refreshing and exciting.

The game boasts the most extensive character roster so far, with 66 characters announced and likely a few secrets ones too. Players will now choose the stage before selecting a character, and the losing player of a match selects the following one. So far little has been released about new stages, but old favorites will be returning with much more detail than before. Certain character traits will be visible now to other players, such as knockout counts, and players with consumable powerups will have a gauge to show how long they have left to use it.

Cyberpunk 2077

A new and entirely different game from their previous work, Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in a dystopian sci-fi future. The game will be an open-world environment with six distinct areas in an expansive city with all kinds of characters to interact with and explore.

Players will be able to control all facets of dress, physical looks, and now also the cybernetic enhancements of their character. These options will affect how NPC’s interact with the player and determine which paths and quests bestowed to the player.

Kingdom Hearts 3

13 years might as well be decades in gaming years, considering the second installment of Kingdom Hearts was released in the PlayStation Two era of 2005! Kingdom Hearts 3 is the long-awaited sequel in the Kingdom Hearts series, and it’s going to be bigger than ever.

The latest game features Disney’s newest franchises, and you’ll be able to find worlds and characters from the Marvel Universe and new Disney favorites like Frozen, Tangled, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc! With so much time between the games’ releases, Kingdom Hearts 3 gives a whole new generation of gamers the opportunity to experience the magic and wonder of interacting and exploring various Disney worlds and characters like never before.

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