3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

Summer is the ideal season for kids to get outside, get active and have fun. It is, no doubt, a difficult task to get your kids excited to go outside with so many other indoor options. Peeling your kids away from their favorite video game can be difficult, but not impossible with the right outdoor games! Simple, engaging and safe, these parent-approved and kid-friendly games are the ultimate summer solution. The team at Game Truck Atlanta has found three summer games that are perfect for your kids to play all summer long.

1. Freeze Tag

Running – even if it’s away from trouble – is something all kids love to do. Freeze tag is a classic summer game for kids of all ages. Depending upon group size, one or two kids are the “taggers”, and the rest of the group’s mission is not to get tagged. In a safe and enclosed area the kids will run around, and if they are tagged, they must freeze in place. These kids can only unfreeze if another player tags them. The last one or two kids tagged are “it” in the following game. This game is great for hours and hours worth of fun.


To play this game, the only equipment needed is a ball and a large space. With one child in the middle, the other kids must stand around in a circle nearby. The thrower will then throw the ball in the air, and when caught they’ll call out “SPUD”. The other players must stop where they are. The thrower will then try to tag another player with the ball, and if they hit them, the hit player will receive an “S” and is now the next thrower. You can veer away from the ball but cannot move your feet. If the original thrower misses they receive an “S”. When you’ve been hit or miss a throw, you will continue to gain letters, and once you have all four letters, you are out. The last person remaining will be deemed the champion.

3. Four Square

Four square is quick, engaging and only requires four or more players. Only four players can play this game at a time; four square is a simple game using only chalk, a ball and a flat surface. First, you must draw a square and split it into four equal squares and label them one to four clockwise. One is King, two is Queen, three is Jack, and four is Ace. The king takes the ball and bounces it into another square and that player must bounce it into another square allowing the ball to hit their square only once. If the ball bounces twice or they miss it, they are out, and the square rotates. The person who stays in the king spot the longest is the overall winner.

Get your kids outside this summer with the help of Game Truck Atlanta

Outdoor games this summer are essential for a healthy and active lifestyle for any kid. Getting a group of friends together can be fun and easy with the team at GameTruck Atlanta. Adding GameTruck to your next summertime party gives you the flexibility of having both outdoor games and convenient video game sessions at your disposal. Check out our website here or call us at (866) 253-3191.