5 Cool Video Game Cakes

3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

Video games are fun and exciting, but a video game cake is so much sweeter! Whether it’s a theme-based cake or a character-based cake, having a video game themed cake will bring excitement and salivate the pallets of your guests.

Super Mario Cake

3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

Lovers of the classic Nintendo Game, Super Mario, will enjoy this cake. This cake captures the essence of the game, Mario’s constant attempt to save Princess Daisy from the monstrous Bowser, and conquering the different worlds with his buddy, Luigi. This cake will be hard to stick your fork through for those Super Mario fans!

The Avengers Cake

3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

Superheroes are full of fascination and bravery and this cake is no different. With your favorites, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and The Hulk, this cake is perfect for the fans of The Avengers video game. Having an Avengers video game cake at your party will surely bring loads of excitement and bring out the inner superheroes in all of your guests.

Halo Cake

3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

Master Chief, the faceless biochemical super-soldier, is a character recognizable by any first-person shooter video game fanatic. Famous for his hidden identity and intergalactic battles, Master Chief is undoubtedly the most popular character in the first-person-shooting world. Having this Halo video game cake at your party is sure to liven up the party!

Dragon Ball Z Cake

3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

Watching Goku activate his Super Saiyans mode and grow his strength with each Super Saiyan level is mind-blowing! Want to bring out this Super Saiyan feeling in your guest? A Dragon Ball Z video game cake at your party is a must for the Goku fans!

NBA 2K Cake

3 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer

NBA 2K is so much fun to play especially with your favorite teams or with your favorite players. Whether it be Lebron James, Stephen Curry, James Harden, or Michael Jordan, an NBA 2K video game cake is a definite must-have for those hardcore basketball fans who want to show pride in their teams.

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