The GameTruck Difference: Reliability

When you book an event with GameTruck Los Angeles, you can depend on two things: we will show up as promised and you will have an amazing time. Over our last seven years in the business, we have built an incredible reputation for being the most reliable mobile video game company in Los Angeles, and we work hard each day to live up to that reputation. At GameTruck, we are committed to throwing you the best possible video game party, which is why we go the extra mile to deliver excitement you can rely on. This all sounds good, but how exactly does GameTruck Los Angeles accomplish this?

Equipment Maintenance

To ensure that everything is in working order and your party begins as planned, GameTruck Los Angeles performs regular preventative maintenance on all of our game trucks. We have also invested in backup generators for all of our trucks, so you’ll never have to worry about our equipment not functioning properly. We will never cancel your event due to improperly maintained equipment.


You are always in good hands with GameTruck. Safety is our top priority, which is why we carry proper insurance to protect you and your loved ones. Although many of our competitors don’t invest in the proper insurance, we believe in the importance of protecting our clients at any cost. In addition, we screen our staff for drug use and criminal backgrounds. We are committed to providing a safe and fun event for you and your guests.


At GameTruck Los Angeles, we value communication. You’ll never have to worry about tracking us down or wondering if your party is going to happen because we frequently communicate with you via phone and email. We always call you the day before your party to confirm and on the day of your event, we’ll let you know when we’re on our way so you can be prepared for our arrival. Our experience in the business means we know what questions you need answered before you even think to ask them.

Peace of Mind

Our commitment to reliability translates into peace of mind for you. When you book with GameTruck Los Angeles, you can count on us to show up and deliver hours of fun for you and your guests. Over our years in the mobile video game business, we have perfected the art of throwing an amazing party. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to make sure everything runs smoothly from the first time you call us to the moment our video game truck rolls away. Our goal is not only to provide entertainment but also make sure that your only job as the host is to relax and enjoy the fun.

What is Included

GameTruck Los Angeles is not only committed to our quality of service, but we also ensure that our video game trucks come fully loaded. All of our video game parties include:

Event customized for your party size, location, and specific needs
36+ age appropriate video game titles
Certified GameCoaches
Latest Consoles including XBox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch
HD Flat Panel TV’s
Choice of digital or downloaded party invitations included

Hassle-Free Booking with GameTruck Los Angeles

We know there are other mobile video game businesses in Los Angeles, but GameTruck offers the peace of mind and reliability factor that other companies simply don’t. From start to finish, we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience. To get more information or book an event, call us today at (866) 253-3191.

GameTruck Colorado Springs for School Events

Whether it’s a festival, carnival, or PTO event, GameTruck Colorado Springs offers the perfect entertainment for any type of school event. Our video game trucks provide hours of fun for people of all ages. Our state-of-the-art video game theaters, experienced GameCoaches, and commitment to reliability make GameTruck an ideal choice for school events.

High-Quality Equipment

Our mobile video game theaters boast comfortable couches, widescreen HDTVs, and amazing sound systems. We clean and inspect our video game trucks before and after each event to ensure that our equipment is always clean and functional. We also perform regular maintenance on our trucks to make sure that your event will never be canceled due to equipment issues.

Experienced GameCoaches

Our experienced and engaging GameCoaches manage the entire event for you and make sure that every guest has a blast. With our staff managing turns, our events can rotate up to 60 players an hour, which means everyone gets a turn and can keep coming back for more fun. GameTruck Colorado Springs’ staff are masters at hosting events and they make sure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Fun for All Ages

One of the best things about GameTruck Colorado Springs is that it provides fun for all ages. Whether it’s an elementary school carnival or a high school post-prom event, you can depend on us to deliver the excitement. We carry an enormous variety of games ranging from E to M. If your party is for younger kids, don’t worry, our GameCoaches will consult with you before the event to make sure all the games are age-appropriate.

Interactive Entertainment

GameTruck Colorado Springs’ video game parties deliver hours of interactive entertainment perfect for school events. Video games provide a fun and safe activity that promote bonding through collaboration and a bit of healthy competition. With a wide selection of games that appeal to every interest, your guests are guaranteed to have a great time.

Perfect for Any Weather

If the weather forecast isn’t looking great for the day of your school event, you don’t need to worry with GameTruck. Our trailers are climate-controlled and, of course, dry. And, just for extra precaution, if a storm happens to knock out the power, your party will still go on since our trucks have backup generators.

Excitement You Can Count On

GameTruck Colorado Springs is committed to making your school event a success. We have developed a reputation for being the most reliable mobile video game company in Colorado and we work hard to live up to that. When you book an event with us, you can count on us to show up and make your school event a memorable one.

Book a School Event with GameTruck Colorado Springs

A GameTruck video game party is the best way to make your school event successful and unforgettable. Our staff is dedicated to throwing the perfect video game party and we work hard to plan every detail, communicate with you every step of the way, and deliver the excitement. To find out more information or to book an event, give GameTruck Colorado Springs a call today at (719) 247-2664!

5 Party Ideas to Celebrate the End of School Year

May is upon us, which means that the end of the school year is just around the corner. In just a few short weeks, students will be putting down their pencils and notebooks and waving goodbye to their classmates for the summer.

Looking for a way to reward your kids for good grades? Kick off the summer and give your kids the send-off they deserve with these five ideas for end of school year parties.

1. Graduation Party

Whether your child is graduating from elementary school, middle school, or high school, graduating marks an important milestone in your child’s life and the arrival of new beginnings. Celebrate your child’s academic accomplishments by hosting a fun end-of-the-year graduation party with their classmates!

Party tip: Consider having everyone at the party sign yearbooks or t-shirts as a memento that they can hold onto for years to come!

2. Summer Pool Party

Nothing says summer quite like a pool party. Round up your child’s closest friends and enjoy the sunny summer weather by throwing your very own pool party. This is an inexpensive way to celebrate the end of the school year and welcome the summer season. Don’t have a pool? No problem. Get an inflatable pool and a slip n’ slide and watch your kids have a blast.

Party tip: Buy summer items like beach towels, floaties and pool toys. You will be able to use these items as decorations for your party and they will be functional long after the party ends!

3. Carnival Party

Whether held at home or at school, a carnival party is an exciting way to celebrate the end of the school year. There are plenty of carnival games online to choose from and decorations can be made from simple supplies, such as cardboard and paint.

Party tip: Offer additional activities like face painting and making snow cones for added fun!

4. Laser Tag Party

Looking for an activity that both kids and parents will love? GameTruck powered LaserTag captures the excitement of paintball without any of the pain or mess. Whether you decide to play in teams or free-for-all, laser tag is a great way to get your kids outside and moving.

Party tip: Let GameTruck transform your backyard into your own personal outdoor laser tag arena. Our top-of-the-line laser tag equipment can be set up in your yard, playground, local park- just about anywhere!

5. Video Game Party

Video game parties are all the rage. Allow your kids to invite their closest friends and watch as they gather around the video game consoles to talk excitedly about their favorite games.

Our one-of-a-kind mobile game trailers come fully equipped with brightly colored HD flat panel TVs and carry the latest gaming consoles and video games available on the market. Our rotating video game library features games for children of all ages, including but not limited to:

Call of Duty
Halo 5
Super Smash Bros
Just Dance
Mortal Kombat
EA Sports Games (Madden, NBA, MLB, and FIFA)

If your kids love video games, then they’re sure to love our GameTruck video game parties!

Kick off Summer Vacation with GameTruck Chicago

Looking for a unique way to celebrate the end of the school year with your kids? Make your end of the school year party unforgettable with Chicago’s ultimate mobile gaming experience. For more information or to receive a quote, give us a call at (912) 877-6555!