5 Kid-Approved Activities for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner, which means that moms all across the country are anticipating the classic gifts: chocolate, flowers, and burnt breakfast in bed. More than that, they’re looking forward to spending some quality time with their families. Who could ask for more?

Kids love the day just as much as you do. They get to celebrate their favorite person in the world, after all. To help kick things off, we’ve compiled some of our favorite activities to celebrate the day with your kids.

1. Arts and Crafts

There’s a lot of fun DIY arts and crafts projects that you can make with your kids. You can paint, bake, or even go on a bug safari. Break out the construction paper and get them to make mother’s day cards or paper mache flowers for you (or other family members).

2. Video Games

Video games are a fun and engaging way to play with your children. There are so many options of consoles and games that are built for group play, and really foster a fun environment. There can be some serious quality time snuggled up on the couch while playing a game.

Our recent favorite is the newly launched Nintendo Switch. It is a great choice for family bonding activities. The console features a broad variety of games and is sure to have something for everyone — including mom. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a great game to play with the whole family with its fun multiplayer options.

3. Day Trip

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a vacation. Take a day trip to a local art or history museum. Or, find a nice park, pack a lunch, and have a picnic. Just don’t feed the ducks! Bread makes them sick.

4. Board Games

Board games are making a serious comeback. Break out the games & snacks, and have an all day game-a-thon with classics like Clue, Life, or that one where you get pied in the face. They’re board games, not bored games, so feel free to get a little silly with it.

5. Movies

Mother’s day is a great time to share some memories with your kids. Watch some old home movies or share pictures of your childhood. Take a trip down memory lane and blow their minds with the fact that you were a kid once, too. They’re sure to get a thrill out of the pre-smartphone era.

Mother’s Day Activities in Colorado Springs

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Reasons GameTruck is Ideal for Summer Camps

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Video Games: Social Activities in Disguise

Sure, most parents would confine kids to traditional summer camp activities: sports, arts and crafts, and the like. Kids get bored with the same things year after year. Face it; the traditional summer camp gets old fast. Break the monotony by giving your campers an event that they’ll love.

Video games are an ideal activity for a summer camp. While the stereotype of the lone gamer is predominant in pop culture, the truth is that video games create a social environment. Players from all walks of life find common ground and bond over gaming.

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GameTruck: Weatherproof

While most people associate the season with blue skies and sunshine, summer doesn’t guarantee excellent weather. You’re not always going to have the sunny days that you might expect.

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Exciting Summer Camp Activities in Colorado Springs

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