Not Just for Birthday Parties: GameTruck for Special Events

kids playing outside school gametruck colorado springs

It’s no secret that GameTruck Colorado Springs hosts unforgettable birthday parties. With our state-of-the-art mobile video game theater, kids and adults alike can choose from a wide variety of popular and classic video game titles, consoles, and game to their heart’s content.

But GameTruck isn’t just a one-time experience. From mobile video game birthday parties to team-building activities and school events, GameTruck offers year-round fun for special events of any occasion.

So, what else can we do to make your next event one to remember? Read on to find out what GameTruck Colorado Springs can do for you!

Say “I Do” to GameTruck Video Game Parties

Do you love video games? GameTruck Colorado Springs offers a unique and memorable gaming experience for wedding receptions, family events, and more.

Step up your wedding entertainment and say “I do” to over 60+ age-appropriate video game titles exclusively for you and your guests. Whether you’re looking to keep the kids busy or challenge all of your guests, GameTruck Video Game Parties are a fun, new way to bring the whole family together.

Family Reunions

Planning a family reunion? GameTruck Colorado Springs is ready to make your family reunion one to remember!

Our mobile video game parties are a great way to bring the family together.

Every family member can find something to play! Everyone from grandma to your little cousin can participate, and we have more than enough video game titles to suit every skill level, from newbies to seasoned veterans of the gaming world.

School Events

Schools can hire GameTruck Colorado Springs for school-wide events, including field days, carnivals, homecomings, and proms. Our video game parties are an exciting alternative that encourages kids to participate in school functions, develop valuable team building skills, and have fun, rain or shine.

Even better, our parties are a great incentive for students to get good grades. Celebrate the end of the school year or use our parties as a reward for good grades.

Sports teams and academic clubs can use GameTruck Colorado Springs for social events or school fundraisers. Teachers can also get in on the fun. Book a GameTruck Video Game Party to show appreciation for your school faculty and party on!

GameTruck Colorado Springs Mobile Video Game Parties

Are you ready to take your special event to the next level? We’re on it! Contact GameTruck Colorado Springs today and discover what our team of professional GameCoaches can do to make your next wedding, family reunion, or school event one to remember To learn more about our special events and pricing, contact GameTruck Colorado Springs today at (719) 247-2664.