LaserTag Brings Gaming to Life

GameTruck powered LaserTag

LaserTag Game Modes Add Extra Fun

Put LaserTag parties at the top of your list of outdoor birthday party ideas! At GameTruck, our GameCoaches bring LaserTag adventures directly to you and lead players through creative courses with different themes and objectives. All you need to play is a space the size of a tennis court. Here are five custom modes our gaming gurus have already designed.


Ideal for fierce competitors, the goal of Elimination Mode is to be the last one standing. Starting in random positions, each player gets three lives and tries to out-shoot and out-score the rest. The player who avoids elimination the longest earns total glory.

Green Versus Orange

Green versus Orange Mode is just like Elimination Mode, but with teams. Players are split up and must work together to outlast the opposite team. In this game, stealth and strategy are the keys to victory. This is a great way to inspire camaraderie and teach players the importance of teamwork.


LaserTag parties meet the zombie apocalypse in Infection Mode! One player starts as infected and shoots to spread the infection to others, turning them into zombies. This fast-paced game quickly transforms friends into enemies. Survivors must eliminate all the zombies in order to win!

VIP Protection

VIP Protection mode puts players in charge of keeping one chosen player safe while trying to eliminate the VIP on the opposing team. Players nominate the VIP, who has superior power and damage resistance. Kids work together to strategize offensive and defensive tactics. The team that eliminates the opposing VIP first wins.


Take all the rules away from those outdoor birthday party ideas and make maximum points the objective in Free-For-All Mode. Players are on their own with unlimited lives and simply try to get the highest score possible. This is the perfect way to familiarizes kids with equipment and give them an opportunity to practice before trying more competitive modes.

If you are trying to choose your next bash from a list of outdoor birthday party ideas, look no further than our LaserTag parties to bring the fun.