Reasons GameTruck is Ideal for Summer Camps

GameTruck Summer Camps Colorado Springs

It’s April, which means that summer is just around the corner.

It’s the perfect time to book GameTruck for an excitement and fun-filled day.

Summer is supposed to be a vacation from the ordinary routine of school. Here are a few reasons to make this summer extraordinary with a GameTruck party.

Video Games: Social Activities in Disguise

Sure, most parents would confine kids to traditional summer camp activities: sports, arts and crafts, and the like. Kids get bored with the same things year after year. Face it; the traditional summer camp gets old fast. Break the monotony by giving your campers an event that they’ll love.

Video games are an ideal activity for a summer camp. While the stereotype of the lone gamer is predominant in pop culture, the truth is that video games create a social environment. Players from all walks of life find common ground and bond over gaming.

The new Nintendo Switch is an excellent model for social gaming, allowing ad hoc wireless gaming for up to sixteen players. Bring your campers closer together!

GameTruck: Weatherproof

While most people associate the season with blue skies and sunshine, summer doesn’t guarantee excellent weather. You’re not always going to have the sunny days that you might expect.

If the forecast predicts rain, don’t let weather patterns ruin the fun. Each of our video game trailers are climate-controlled and, more importantly, dry.

Did a storm knock out your power? Not to worry; each of our video game trailers are self-powered and comes packing a backup generator – just in case.

Exciting Summer Camp Activities in Colorado Springs

Give your counselors a break. GameTruck’s GameCoaches handle the entire party so that your instructors can take a short, and much needed, rest. They can even join in on the fun!

Your GameCoach will take care of all referee duties. We’ll create a memorable party experience that your campers will be talking about for weeks. For more information or to receive a quote, give us a call at 719-247-2664!