Fall Activities for Kids: 8 You Need to Try

Move out of the way, summer! The season of pumpkins, apple cider, and spooky movies is here! With school back in session, it’s time to prep for weekend adventures and entertainment for the kids, but that can get expensive. Here are eight fun fall activities for kids that they’ll love and won’t make your bank account cry.

Fall Activities for Kids: Celebrate national pancake day

Celebrate “National Pancake” Day

Start or end your day with comfort breakfast food! It’s quick and easy to make, and the kids will love it! From regular to vegan, there’s something for every type of pancake lover! You can also skip the cooking and let someone else do it. Visit your favorite breakfast restaurant as another way to celebrate National Pancake Day. 

Grab an on-sale sprinkler

Hit those after-the-season sales to grab a cheap sprinkler or other water activity. This way, you’ll be prepared for the next hot day before fall weather truly arrives.

Fall Activities for Kids: video game party with GameTruck

Video Game Party

Invite your kid’s new classmates over for an exciting memory building experience they won’t forget. No matter what the weather is like outside, GameTrucks are always the perfect temperature inside. With hundreds of games to choose from, classics and new releases, your kid will love deepening their friendship with new and old friends. Call your local GameTruck today to book your fall party!

Laser Tag

Blast away boredom with laser tag! From capture the flag to last man standing, your kids and their friends will have a fantastic time, while you (and maybe some friends) can get a much-needed break. Call your local GameTruck today! 

Fall Activities for Kids: Laser tag and Talk like a Pirate Day

Celebrate “Talk like a Pirate” Day

Have a family challenge to see who can talk like a pirate the longest. Fill your day with pirate-themed activities from watching movies, reading books, coloring, and dressing up as them. 

Nature painting

Unleash the inner artist and nature enthusiast with this idea! You’ll need paint and canvas from the store. Gather up rocks, leaves, sticks, and other outdoor objects. Once you’ve got all of your materials, get painting! Use your leaves as paintbrushes. 

Forget the canvas at the store? Not a problem! Grab some rocks to decorate!

Fall Activities for Kids: Visit a Used Bookstore

Visit a Used Book Store

Pick up a new book to celebrate “Read a Book Day” on September 6th and “International Literacy Day” on September 8th. Reading with your kids is a wonderful way to build their vocabulary and reading skills. 

Help around the neighborhood

Help your kids get real-life experience by assisting others in the neighborhood. Does someone need leaves raked up or their lawn mowed? This could be an excellent opportunity for volunteering or to make a little bit of money. 

Even though the chapter of summer is closing, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Get ready for an incredible autumn season here on the GameTruck, full of excitement and memories, with these fall activities for kids! Subscribe to our email newsletter to ensure you never miss out on our newest family fun guide blogs! 

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