Five Fun After School Activities

The school bell has finally rung to welcome a new academic year. While the kids are busy during the week, what about the weekends? Do you need family-focused activities? Then this is for you! Just because school is here doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. A season change shouldn’t stop the creation of family memories. Whether you’re spontaneous or a planner, this list has affordable ideas for both types of people. 

  • Chili Cook-off – Kids Help Make
    • Gather your friends and family for a fun dinner or lunch together! Break out your best chili recipe for a chili cook-off. Have your kids help you prepare and cook the meal. This delicious idea will help kids learn valuable life skills such as cooking, washing dishes, following a recipe, and serving others. 
    • Additional note: instead of a competition, you could ask everyone to make a different type of chili. Someone could make a hot chili while another makes a sweet chili that way, everyone is bound to have one that they will like.
  • Host a cookout or fall party!
    • Host a cookout or fall party – imagine being able to have adult conversations in peace and quiet. Imagine us “old people” beating the kids in laser tag or having your kid teach you about their favorite new video game they’ve been dying to get. This is a GameTruck party. We offer more than just video games, gelly ball, and laser tag; we strive to build belonging and community through memorable play. Let us help you host a fantastic cookout or fall party that everyone will love! 
  • Art Project – Pumpkin Art or Wreath Making
    • Help your kids get crafty this season with different art projects! From pumpkin art to wreath making to candle making, there are many crafts to prepare for fall. Pumpkin art is an excellent idea for when you need a cheap, unplanned activity for the kids to do. All you need are pumpkins of any size and paint supplies. You’ll have cute decorations unique to your family when they’re done. 
  • Play Video Games
    • If your child is a gamer, this idea will make their week! Embrace your inner nerd and pick up a controller. Have your child teach you how to play their favorite game. Allow them to assume the role of a teacher as they show you how to play the game. Gaming with your child builds memories both in and outside the video game and can generate fun conversations with your kid. Even if you’re not the best gamer, they will appreciate the effort and bonding time over something they love with you. 
  • Thrifted Costume 
    • Have some family fun with thrifty at your favorite second-hand stores. This idea is great for creating fun memories, affordability, and spontaneous Ness. Before you start, decide on a budget. How much is each person allowed to spend on their costume? Next, decide if you want to do special categories like the 80s or leave it open for imagination. Then head to your favorite stores. Be sure to take lots of pictures to post on social media to have friends and family vote for the costume they think is the best and the silliest. 

Just because school is back in session does not mean the fun has to stop. Dedicate a weekend or multiple ones to trying something on this list!