Parenting Tips for Kids Beginning their Gaming Experience

Watching your kids get older is a whirlwind of emotions. It can be sad, happy, exciting, and even scary. As they grow, they develop new interests; for many kids, this means exploring video games. This can be uncharted territory for parents. You want your kids to have fun, connect with friends, and explore who they are. The problem is that you may be new to video games or haven’t played since you were a kid. You may not know what games are age appropriate and align with your family values. You might be looking for tips on parenting and video games. 

At GameTruck, we understand that this new chapter of parenting can be a roller coaster of emotions, so here are three tips for you to try to help your kid explore the world of gaming. So, whether you’re planning your next birthday party in the mobile gaming theater or smashing boredom during family game night, you can rest easy knowing your kids will have a blast with our parenting tips!

Be Active in their Gaming Adventures

Showing interest and staying connected is one of the best ways to know what and with whom your kids are playing. Gaming with your child is a fun way to build memories and maybe some inside jokes. Even if you’re not a big gamer, you can sit with your kid as they blast away villains or race across the finish line. Ask them to teach you how to play their favorite game. This can help them practice their communication skills as they perform the role of a “teacher.” Being active in their video game adventures may look different from family to family, but it is a great way to stay connected and build memories.

Ask Transformative Questions

Gaming can inspire transformative questions. These questions go beyond “how are you” and “how was your day?” Transformative questions help you bond with your child on a deeper social and emotional level. They can also help kids learn more about themselves as the answers to these questions are not simple “yes” or “no.” 

You can ask things like, “What games are your favorite? Why?” Another transformative question surrounding video games is, “What do you look for in a game?” 

These questions can also mix big topics. For example, you could ask, “what makes someone a good squad member?” This connects friendship and gaming into the same question that inspires deeper levels of conversation. 

Discuss and Set Boundaries

Before you sit down to have this conversation, think about what you want to say and what the boundaries will be. You may not want your child to engage in certain themes, like intense violence or language. Let them know ahead of time so they can ensure their gaming aligns with your family values. It’s ok to explain why certain things are off-limits. You may feel that intense violence or gore is disrespectful to human life; talking about these things with your child can help them better understand and follow the rules you set for gaming. Examining games before you permit your kid to play is also wise. One of the fastest and easiest ways to do this is with ESRB ratings. This handy rating system will give a recommended age and why it has that age recommendation.Here are some additional questions to consider in the conversation with your child.

  • Whom can your children play with online?
  • What’s the procedure for in-game purchases?
  • How long can they play video games each day?
  • Is there a way they can earn additional screen time? 

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Exploring the gaming world can be exciting and yet scary for parents. It’s a sign they’re getting older, but you will always be their parent and want what’s best for them. You want to help your child have fun, be safe, and game in a healthy way. Be active in their video game adventures. Ask transformative questions. Discuss and set boundaries. These three tips can help set your family up for success in your gaming fun!

Get started with a safe fun way of family gaming today at GameTruck! Explore similar blogs on starting the gaming experience with your kids here!