The Solution to Birthday Blues

Birthday Party

It is every parent’s dream to ensure that their children’s life is filled to the brim with incredible memories. Some people say that Disney World is one of the most magical and memorable places on Earth; but what if we said that the same excitement could be captured in your front yard, nearby parks, or even indoors!

With GameTruck Orlando and our video game parties, the birthday blues are a thing of the past!

Joy on Wheels

If you ask a young child what some of their favorite things in the world are, you will get a lot of variations. Some kids like salty over sweet and some prefer the thrills of roller coasters. While these inconsistencies exist, there is one answer that resounds through all age groups: video games.

Not only can GameTruck Orlando bring the video game party directly to you- no matter where you are (whether the party is in Orlando, Kissimmee, Sanford, or Altamonte Springs), but we do it at a fraction of the price when compared to other birthday party destinations!

On top of this, our experienced Game Coaches are hyper-focused on every single detail so that you do not have to be. That means you can sit back and enjoy some time to yourself or join in the party with our incredible selection provided!

Gaming Options Galore

Now some people may be thinking, “gaming is such a broad topic, everyone prefers something different.” This thought is a legitimate concern, but it is one that GameTruck is more than capable of handling with their video game birthday parties.

We offer over 100 age-appropriate video game titles, all of the latest and greatest consoles (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii-U), and HD Flat Panel TV’s that cover the entire wall!

Try a GameTruck Today

Parents, co-workers, or classmates will absolutely love our massive selection and our even friendlier coaching team that is devoted to ensuring the best gaming experience possible. Finally, a party service that is simplistic and easy to schedule.

So allow our experts to host your next video game party needs! To learn more about our Birthday Party Packages or Group Event Planning you can reach us at (407) 383-9111.