Take a Local Vacation – 5 Ideas You Need to Try

As a kid I never really understood how much planning my mom did each summer for our family. I never saw all the hard, behind-the-scene work she did to make to make each summer season a blast. It wasn’t until I became a mom that I learned. While summer is a never-ending-fun-fest for kids, it can be a stressful season for us moms as we scramble to find things for the kiddos to do while still being mindful of the bank account. That’s why a local vacation is perfect! Entertain the kids and yourself, keep your sanity, and build family memories all at a great price! Here are a few ideas to try this year from your friends at GameTruck.

Do some Nature classes!

National parks are a great summer idea especially if there’s one in your area. Many times they will offer free or very affordable classes and experiences. Kids can learn about various nature topics up close and personal from petting snakes to learning about foliage to the importance of conservation.

Try something unique to your town for a local vacation!

Is your community, village, town, or county known for something? If you if you’ve never tried it, then do it together as a family. For example one place that my family lived in had historic murals painted on the flood walls that depicted Ohio history. The artwork highlighted things that were unique and special to that Rivertown. In another place our town was home to Ohio’s oldest brewery, so as a family we ate there for the first time one summer. Maybe you live in a city that is known for a historic sporting stadium? See if you can attend a local game there. Maybe your county is known for its natural parks or monuments? Take a family trip to go see them.

Go to a Children’s museum for a local vacation

Children’s museums are a great opportunity for students to explore and express their creativity in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). They offer opportunities for sensory development and growth for children. Kids will have a blast playing and learning at the same time with other children. Most children’s museums are very affordable with all day passes and offer activities from painting to water tables to imaginative play.

Start a new family evening or once a week tradition!

Start a tradition that is unique and special to your family. For example with my family when Pokémon go was a big thing, we would go on family walks in the historic district of our town to catch Pokémon. It was an awesome time! The kids got to learn about local history, get exercise, and play Pokémon go with each other. Our family still talks about that summer to this day!

Celebrate art and music as part of your local vacation!

Check with your local community center to see what types of events that are going to be offered this season. Support local artists, musicians, and fans. Sometimes communities will put on free concerts for families to attend. Others will do artist alleys where families can tour paintings and drawings from local artists. These types of activities can introduce kids to different types of creative expression at a free or very affordable cost.

Local vacations are an awesome way to connect with your family and create new memories at a price that makes even the wallet smile. Try one, all, or customize this list for your family this summer to grow closer together with new experiences!

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