5 Father’s Day Celebration Ideas

Need Father’s Day ideas ASAP? The Road-trip Captain. Loudest Parent Cheerleader. Fruit Snack Dispenser. Monster Patrol Commander. Unofficial Game Referee. Dad fulfills so many roles within the family, and they have a special place in our hearts. With all that he does, you want to create an awesome, memorable day to show him just how much you love and appreciate him, but maybe you’re struggling with what to do? Are you needing a cool new idea to surprise him? Here are five ideas from your friends at Game Truck to remind dad just how much he means to you.

1. Escape Room

Wanting to test dad‘s deductive skills? Then an escape room is for you! With so many different themes and missions, escape rooms can appeal to people of all interests. From spy themes to pirates to spooky, many venues offer various types of rooms for about $20-$25 a person. Escape rooms are a great way to build funny and fun memories while working on your teamwork skills as a family. If you’re more competitive, you can race the clock to see how fast you can beat the room and if you can beat the record.

2. Ax Throwing

Unleash the wild fun with this idea! Who doesn’t love throwing wooden sticks with blades at a target? Take dad to an ax throwing venue. This idea would pair great with dinner either before or afterwards. 

3. GameTruck Party for Dads

Wanting a low-stress, no-clean up celebration idea that speaks to Dad? Try a GameTruck party! With over 200 games, he will find one that speaks to him. From new releases to retro, we offer excitement for up to 18 people at a time! This is a great party idea for big or multiple families to play together and create memories with dad doing something he loves with no clean up or stress for Mom. Click here to schedule your GameTruck Party. 

4. A Memory Journal

This idea requires a little bit more prep time, but it’s sure to be a heartfelt gift for dad. Have your kids, friends, and/or family great things that they appreciate about him. Be sure to leave a special note from yourself in there as well. Things to include in your journal could be letters, pictures, drawings, or small mementos. This journal will help dad feel loved and appreciated and make a great lifelong gift for him to cherish.

5. The Dad Dundies

Is Dad an Office man? Then this idea will be perfect for him! Get a couple of families together to host the Dad Dundies! The categories can be based on inside jokes from each family. Have the kids help create these great awards that have inside jokes or stories related to your family. When he receives his trophy be sure to share the funny story or joke with everyone  for some fun times and laughter together.

  1. Additional Note: Trophies can be drawn on paper, items created by kids, or for a more realistic feel, Amazon sells cheap gold statue awards online that are unmarked.

Dads come in all shapes and sizes and hold a special place in our hearts. No matter how you choose to celebrate Father’s Day this year, let him know he is loved and appreciated. If you choose to do something on this list, tag us on social media at GameTruck!

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