Which Gaming Console is Right for You in 2019?

Gaming consoles are expensive, so the choice you make is important and a bit of an investment! Gamers should do their research before purchasing one. Lucky for you, we did it for you! Whether this is your first or 20th console, read on for the benefits and drawbacks of the three most popular gaming consoles: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 was released in November 2013. It has sold far more consoles than its two competitors. The standard console (PlayStation 4 Slim) sells for $299.99. The more expensive console (PlayStation 4 Pro) sells for $399.99. Both the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro have one terabyte of storage. Compared to the PlayStation 4 Slim, the PlayStation 4 Pro has higher resolution (4K–check if your TV is 4K before buying) and faster loading times, so the gameplay is far more realistic. It is, however, more expensive and heavier than the PlayStation 4 Slim. If you are a serious gamer who is willing to pay up for a more powerful console, the PlayStation 4 Pro is the way to go. If you are buying a console for children, an infrequent gamer, prefer a lighter console, or on a budget, the PlayStation 4 Slim is the console for you. The PlayStation 4 has far more game exclusives (meaning they are only available on PlayStation) than the Xbox One, including hits The Last Guardian, Days Gone, and Infamous Second Son. The PlayStation 4 has virtual reality goggles, which immerse you in the game more than a normal controller. The Xbox One and Nintendo Switch do not have virtual reality.

Xbox One

The Xbox One was released in November 2013 just like the PlayStation 4. The standard console (Xbox One S) sells for $299.99 but comes with a large selection of bundled games. The more expensive console (Xbox One X) sells for $499.99 and also has included games. Both the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X have one terabyte of storage. The Xbox One X’s resolution is 4K, but it has far more RAM (storage) and faster loading times than the PlayStation 4 Pro which earns its title as the most powerful gaming console on the market. It is also the only console to have a 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player. The Xbox One X is the most expensive console money can buy. As with the PlayStation 4 Slim versus the PlayStation 4 Pro, people who regularly game and want a life-like experience, should pay up for the more expensive model. The Xbox One S is still a great option and more budget friendly. If you want to play your old Xbox 360 games, Xbox One is far more backward compatible than PlayStation 4. On the Xbox One, you are able to play games with gamers not using the Xbox One (such as an iPhone, computer, virtual reality goggles, or Nintendo Switch). If you own many games and movies and need more storage than the terabyte, there are more USB ports on the console than the PlayStation 4, thus more external storage opportunities.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was released in March 2017 making it the newest of the three consoles. The standard console sells for $299.99. It comes in two color styles: solid gray and neon blue and red. But the controllers, called Joycons, can actually be purchased separately in a multitude of color schemes! It has 32 gigabytes of storage, which is far less than the other two consoles. Unlike the first two consoles, it is portable and does not require a television, making it is very versatile. There are two ways to use the Nintendo Switch: either hold it in your hands or dock it at your television. The resolution is nowhere near the PlayStation or Xbox’s resolution. There is no disc port, instead, the games are on a cartridge. You can’t stream Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, either.

Still Unsure?

At the end of the day, all of these consoles are excellent choices. It really depends on your personal preference when making a purchase. If you still can’t decide which console to buy, both PlayStation and Xbox are likely to release the next generation of consoles in 2020. Thus, holding out to buy a console isn’t the worst idea. A generation of consoles usually lasts for 6 to 8 years so these new consoles will last you many years of gaming. The new Nintendo Switch may drop in the second half of 2019. In the case of buying a console, delaying the big decisions is a smart way to go!

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A Review of Super Mario Odyssey

We’re back and with exciting Mario news!

Need new ideas for children’s parties? With the Super Mario Odyssey release, no need to look any further! It’s too much fun to put it down! What is this game about you ask? Is it Princess Peach? Yup, you guessed it! Princess Peach managed to get nabbed again! With each stage, you make your way through mazes and new opponents. We had a ton of fun “researching” this game! You can find it on Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy, and GameStop!

Remember to explore the other challenges that could be hidden at these levels. This game has some similarities to the original Mario games but have way more mini levels! Even though there are a bunch of hidden challenges, one of the hardest parts of this game is its non-stop madness! Make sure to check out this game when looking for new birthday games!


Mario got a new companion in this installment: Cappy. With the help of Cappy, you can turn into all kinds of animals and even the walking bombs! Can you turn into a giant stack of Goombas? YUP!

Triple Jumping

Do you remember when double jumping was a revolutionary thing? We do too which is why we are excited to play this new game which features a triple jump!

Have a different gameplay style?

With this game, you can play your way! Jump on every Goomba you see or avoid all the walking bombs, it’s up to you! If you liked the Zelda games, then you’ll love this one with your ability to explore different stages! We were also happy with this Assassins Creed like gameplay style. It also reminds us of the old Spiderman games as Mario roams through the city bouncing on cars and people’s heads.

Finished the game?

There are alternate endings! With 120 “Moons” which are pretty much the equivalent of harder to collect coins, you can beat the game but if you collect 500 Moons, you get to experience the real ending! Keep in mind, 500 is a lot of Moons when the game only has 830 of them!

Generally, when you beat a game, it gets dull. Well not with this one! When you beat this game, the challenges get even harder! This game introducing all new ideas and we love them! They incorporate these ideas intuitively and with child gameplay in mind. In this game, you can collect a bundle of Moons and it is a bundle of fun.

Enjoyed our review?

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Persona 5 Fills a Niche Not Often Reached in America

Persona 5 was easily one of my most anticipated games of 2017 and hearing the news that Atlus was bringing it to PS4 as well as the PS3 made me jump for joy (since I no longer needed to re-set up my ps3).

While this may be the 5th title in the series do not let that scare you off, much like Final Fantasy each game is its own story with only gaming elements or themes carrying over.  In other words P5 is as good a place to jump in as any, and boy what a great jump in spot.

 What is Persona 5?

Set in “modern” Japan you take the roll of a young High school student who, with a recent brush with the law, is sent to live with an estranged family friend for a year.  It is during this year you learn of the Metaverse and discover the power to change people hearts by altering their internal Psyche via the palaces in their hearts.  Sound confusing? How about.. You are fighting the physical manifestations of people’s internal demons, and defeating said demons makes people RETURN TO NORMAL… got it? good!

While Persona 5 is linear in the amount of time you have to complete “palaces” or raise your levels, it is predominantly up to you how you spend your days as a high school student with magical powers.

  • Feel like spending the Afternoon leveling up and fighting shadows in the Metaverse?  Go Ahead!
  • Waste a Sunday playing video games and reading manga?   You Got it!
  • Want to spend all your time doing menial tasks at a part-time job?  Ummm… ok.

The point is, while the core story is completely linear, how you spend your time and build your relationships with your friends is totally up to you.  While this may sound strange this is also the charm of what makes a Persona game so fun, you live the life of your character, build bonds, help friends, and work part time jobs.


Aside from being a slice of life anime simulator the rest of the game plays out as a turn based dungeon crawler RPG.  You yourself do not actually have any magical abilities, the only thing you can do is call forth your “Persona” or part of your heart to fight for you (think like Pokemon but ghost demons “shadows”).  These Persona then have a wide range of magical powers, abilities, strengths and weaknesses and it is your job to make sure to call forth the best Persona for the job….again like Pokemon.  What sets you apart as the main character is your ability allows you to call upon multiple Persona while your teammates are only allowed to have one based on their internal persona, ie their own true heart (awww the power of friendship).   Keep in mind that any actual fighting and “levels” only make up about 30-40% of this game, so most of the focus is on the drama of your daily life and how your actions in the metaverse effect the real world.


While graphically it looks like a fantastic PS3 game, which shouldn’t be a shocker as it was initially announced as a PS3 only game, once you get over the initial shortcomings the game really does shine and present itself well.  Since Persona 5 is stylized like an anime what limitations there are, are covered up in an artistic or hand drawn way especially when it comes to draw distance or detail…. but all of that takes a back seat to the best UI and menu system I have ever seen in a video game.  Like seriously, the flipping battle menus are intuitive and everything just oozes cool, “I never saw it coming” (players inside joke).  Just look at the stupid memes revolving around the style of the menus haha. If there is anything I will remember fondly its this sick as hell menu system.


  • Perhaps I am just getting old as a gamer but I just could not connect with this cast of characters as I did with previous Persona titles.  Don’t get me wrong each character has a thoughtful and rewarding story line of their own but I just didn’t have any “gasp” or shocker moments for me as they did in others, P4 especially.  Because of this, my dating path was more of a “guess I should” rather than a “I really want to know more” process.
  • Despite all the beautiful art and flair, graphics are an issue, it took a long time to get used to the framed screen during cut scenes.  If this is your first Persona title I hope you like reading because  all dialog is via old school avatar popups as the 3D character face models are basic at best.  I could argue that is part of the charm, but lets be honest its 2017.
  • While the voice acting is stellar (in both English and Japanese)  some of the catch phrases or flavor texts can get crazy repetitive, LOOKING COOL, JOKER!!
  • The overall story line dragged on a bit longer than it needed to and the shocking twist at the end was predictable at best, even the “bad ending” pitfall is almost impossible to get without trying.  It feels they tried to make the game more “good ending” friendly or too easy this time.

This article was reposted with permission from IBeatItFirst.com