Consider Game Truck For Your Fall Festival

It’s nearly fall, ya’ll! If you’re like the team at Game Truck, you are probably very excited for cooler temperatures, cozy sweaters and of course, tasty pumpkin flavored goods. One of the most exhilarating parts of this season is celebrating the holidays with friends, family, and coworkers. From Halloween to Thanksgiving (and celebrations in between), the change in weather and turn of the season is a great time to get together and make lasting memories.

Fall is also a great time of year to plan a festival! If you happen to work for an organization (such as a church, school or non-profit), you likely have a lot of fun (and a lot of work!) ahead of you. Luckily, the weather is in your favor and you can include many exciting fall elements, such as costume contests and bobbing for apples. You can also hire vendors that make your job easier and your event even more exciting. Game Truck Atlanta is a popular go-to vendor for youth and kids festivals of all kinds!

Memorable Entertainment for Attendees

While video games may not be the most traditional option when it comes to fall entertainment, it’s certainly one that will make your festival unique, exciting and unforgettable. Our party trucks offer dozens of age-appropriate game titles, the latest gaming consoles available on the market and high-definition TVs for a seamless gaming experience. Also, each party includes gaming coaches who can provide assistance at any time and help add to the event’s excitement.

A Game Truck party is a great option for many festivals because our parties entertain everyone, even attendees who aren’t gamers! Game Truck parties include laser tag and water tag, in addition to video games. There is something available for everyone and each attendee is bound to be entertained regardless of their hobbies. And note, video gaming doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of your event, but it sure does make an exciting addition to any festival.

About Game Truck Atlanta

Game Truck Atlanta has been in business for nearly a decade. We’re 100% committed to reliability, fun and of course, customer satisfaction. Our Game Truck events are designed to be memorable and take the pressure of party planning off party hosts. Book an event with Game Truck, and impress and entertain your guests without dealing with party-planning stress.

From Atlanta and Marietta to Decatur and Alpharetta, the Game Truck Atlanta Team is proud and excited to bring exciting, innovative parties for youth of all ages to the local community. If you are currently planning a fall festival (or any other event), please contact us today at 866-253-3191 or click here for a pricing quote.

Why Your Next Party Should Have Laser Tag

When it comes to entertaining kids, most activities can only go so far. Clowns? Maybe for the youngest ones. Ice skating? Bigger liability and tired kids are not happy kids. Laser tag? Uh, yeah—now we’re talking! Laser tag from GameTruck Atlanta brings the party to you, relieving you of the hassles of transportation, planning, clean-up, and more!

Why Laser Tag?

When it comes time to decide what to do for your child’s birthday party, community fundraising event, team building activity, or any other gathering where entertainment is needed, nothing is more fun for all ages than laser tag!
This game offers a unique opportunity to work together as a team and use game strategies to defeat the other team. In order to win, every player on their respective team must work together and form a game plan, providing physical and mental activity for people of all ages!

No Hassle

Additionally, this even requires ZERO effort on your part! You simply give us a call, tell us the date, and we’ll get to planning the most epic event you can imagine. We bring the party to you with hours and hours of entertainment, making it perfect for a child’s birthday party, religious celebrations like Purim, and fundraisers! Your guests will never be bored when we bring the entertainment.

Personalized Laser Tag Arena in Your Own Backyard!

Even better? Bringing the event to you allows us to constantly change the territory for the game! Even if your child has played with us before, every landscape provides different safety zones, territories, and landscapes to explore. Let us handle the fun so you can relax and enjoy the massive amount of appreciation that comes after.

Schedule Your Next Laser Tag Birthday Party Today!

If you’re gearing up for an event, it’s time to call GameTruck Atlanta. We offer video game trucks, laser tag, and water tag, making us great for every season and every event for everyone!
Whether it’s a school event, church event, birthday party, or any other type of get together, we’ll bring the party to you and offers hours of entertainment! Give us a call today at 866-253-3191 or contact us here and we’ll help you figure out pricing, location, and how to make this party the best party of the year!

GameTruck Savannah Spotlight: LaserTag

Looking to host an exciting, fast paced outdoor adventure game for you and your friends? GameTruck Savannah offers high-quality tactical laser tag that will make your event unforgettable. Our mobile LaserTag parties are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion and have a blast with your friends. We offer next-generation, incredibly accurate laser tag equipment that makes for exciting battles. GameTruck Powered LaserTag brings video games outside and into the real world!

Mobile LaserTag Parties

GameTruck Savannah delivers the excitement directly to your doorstep. The days when laser tag was confined to a dark room are over. Our advanced technology allows us to bring LaserTag out into the world by transforming your yard or park into an epic laser tag arena. Hosting a laser tag party with GameTruck is convenient and hassle-free. You just let us know the location of the event and we will show up prepared to convert it into a thrilling battle arena. Our staff works hard to make hosting a party with GameTruck easy by planning every last detail and communicating with you to confirm details and answer any questions you may have.

High-Quality LaserTag Equipment

GameTruck Savannah offers state-of-the-art laser tag equipment to make your party especially fun. Our incredibly accurate taggers mean you can tag an opponent up to 300 feet away! We offer the latest laser tag technology with precision optics, lightweight sensors, and audio and optical feedback. GameTruck Powered LaserTag can be played either indoors or outdoors, day or night. Our technology supports a wide variety of game types, keeping your experience fresh and thrilling.

Engaging Fun with Your Friends

Our LaserTag provides engaging team-based missions that encourage connection and a bit of friendly competition. GameTruck Savannah’s mobile LaserTag parties can accommodate groups of all sizes and are the perfect idea for birthday parties, family reunions, school carnivals, graduation parties, and team-building activities. Our LaserTag parties are great for both kids and adults and offer the fun of paintball without the pain.

Experienced GameCoaches Manage the Party

Our engaging GameCoaches manage the entire event for you from setup to cleanup. They are experts at converting any area into a modern LaserTag arena, adding a variety of obstacles for strategic cover. Our GameCoaches also referee the games, making sure everyone has a safe and fun time. As the host, your only responsibility is to relax and enjoy the epic LaserTag battles.

Host a LaserTag Party with GameTruck Savannah

GameTruck Powered LaserTag brings you the fast-paced excitement of paintball without the mess or pain, and all from the comfort of your backyard! We specialize in throwing no-hassle parties for people of all ages. Let GameTruck Savannah make your next event extra special with our LaserTag and video game parties. To learn more about our mobile laser tag parties, contact GameTruck Savannah today at (912) 877-6555.