BubbleSoccer Extravaganza this Spring!

It’s spring, so it’s warming up here in Jacksonville! Of course, our GameTruck video game parties are a lot of fun, but it is important for children to get outside and start playing. Here is an in-depth look at one of the other exciting experiences from GameTruck that will get your children away from the screen and into the beautiful Florida sunshine.

What is BubbleSoccer?

BubbleSoccer, also known as BubbleFootball or BubbleBall, is a game just like soccer except played with inflatable bubbles that surround the players. It is played either inside or outside. The ball covers the upper body and leaves the legs exposed, so the players can run and jump. At GameTruck, we transform your yard or local park into a 25’x50’ BubbleSoccer Arena with five players on each team. Just like soccer, the object is to get the ball into the goal. Unlike soccer, players have fun bouncing off their friends and rolling around on the ground.

How Did it Start?

BubbleSoccer started in 2011 in Norway on a comedy sports show called Golden Goal. It didn’t really take off until 2014 when a video of an Italian BubbleSoccer game was uploaded on YouTube. You can see from the video, it’s just as fun to watch as it is to play! After the video, BubbleSoccer started popping up all over the world from parks to college campuses and indoor soccer fields!

Is it Safe?

This is the number one question that we get from parents. BubbleSoccer is a contact sport; therefore, safety is our #1 priority. While there are risks involved, our trained GameCoaches supervise the event to make sure everyone is having a safe and fun time. There are rules against illegal tackles like tripping, grabbing, and kicking. Also, players are only allowed to try to knock down the player with the ball. Our bubbles come in three different sizes, so there is a right fit for everyone.

What are the Rules?

The game is played with rules similar to Soccer. The object of the game is to score more goals than your opponent. However, some of the more complex rules of soccer, like offside rules, are removed to make the game easier to play. To keep the players safe, there are rules against illegal hits. A player cannot know down another player without the ball, and a player cannot prevent another player from getting up.

Schedule Your Game of BubbleSoccer Today!

GameTruck Jacksonville can create a safe, unforgettable BubbleSoccer experience. Our trained GameCoaches will supervise your event, so parents can have fun watching! Call us today at (866) 253-3191 for a free quote or fill out our online form for pricing and availability.

Bubble Soccer Blast in Jacksonville

Imagine crawling inside a giant inflatable ball and bouncing around like beach balls with your friends. Sounds pretty awesome, right? We think so, which is why GameTruck Jacksonville offers Bubble Soccer! If you’re looking to host a party or event that your friends will be talking about for weeks, a GameTruck Bubble Soccer party is the way to go. With GameTruck, you can transform your yard or a park into a 25×50 Bubble Soccer arena.

What Is Bubble Soccer?

Bubble Soccer is a team-based play game where the players are wrapped in giant, inflatable balls with handles and shoulder harnesses inside. It’s a little bit of sumo wrestling mixed with soccer. Players bounce around the field and bump into their opponents as they try to kick the soccer ball in the goal. It’s impossible not to laugh while playing or watching a game of Bubble Soccer! To get an idea of what Bubble Soccer looks like, check out our video.

Who Can Play Bubble Soccer?

One of the greatest things about Bubble Soccer is that it provides fun for all ages. Bubble Soccer is great for birthday parties, private events, corporate functions, team building exercises, and community events like fairs and carnivals.

Our high-quality inflatable balls allow players to bounce around and fall down without any risk of hurting themselves. Our experienced GameCoaches emphasize safety and fun during the game, making sure to help players up after they fall.

How Do I Host a Bubble Soccer Party?

Booking a Bubble Soccer party with GameTruck is simple and stress-free. Once you decide on the date of your event, give GameTruck Jacksonville a call to book your date and time.Through access to our online party planner, free invitation options, and confirmation calls, our party planning specialists work hard to ensure that your Bubble Soccer party is a success. Our GameCoaches manage the entire event, so, as a host, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy watching your guests have a blast (and join in on a game, of course).

Host Your Next Event with GameTruck Jacksonville

Let GameTruck Jacksonville create a memorable event that your guests won’t stop talking about. Whether you want to host a Bubble Soccer party, laser tag event, or video game truck party, GameTruck Jacksonville is prepared to make it a success. To get started, give us a call today at (904) 900-0880.