Seven Winter Photography Tips

Pictures are treasures. Whether physical or digital, photos have a way of commencing scrolls down memory lane. They ignite fun conversations as you show embarrassing ones to the new fiance. They kindle a longing from the past as you scroll through pictures of your kids when they were young. Laughter can erupt from silly pictures your kids took that you didn’t even know were on your phone. Photos are invaluable. Even if we have ten thousand pictures of our babies, we can’t bring ourselves to delete just one. Snapping a quick shot secures a memory to relive later. 

The winter season presents many opportunities for pictures, but it can be hard to get a good one between the snow, lights, and the bustle of people. In a panic, you rush to take a picture, only to discover that half of the kids have their eyes closed. We’ve all had this happen to us, but don’t miss out on a single memory this season due to a bad picture! From holiday dinners to GameTruck birthday parties, here are seven winter photography tips to help you capture the moment and treasure it for a lifetime. 

winter photography tips: shift your perspective

Shift your perspective

This powerful winter photography tip can upgrade your pictures to the next level. When we take a picture, our automatic pose is to hold the camera directly in front of us. Consider trying a new perspective. New angles can change the feel of a photo and capture elements that otherwise would not be in the shot. For example, lower angles are great at capturing the landscape in the foreground. 

Take a Bunch!

Why take one picture when you can have ten? If you’ve got a fast-moving subject like a little league game or cute pets, try Burst mode. It’ll take ten pictures per second. Afterward, go through and find the best one.

Bring it in!

Get up close! If you’re trying to capture a smile from opening a present, consider moving closer to the subject, focusing on their face. Bringing your shot in will help you capture emotion and facial features, making this an excellent option for portrait photography. 

winter photography tips: keep it simple

Keep it simple

Try this winter photography tip! Simple is truly more. Empty space is our friend, as it can help your subject easily stand out. Too many elements within a picture can overwhelm the eyes and ruin a beautiful shot. 

Use the Volume Button

Blurry photos are a dreaded enemy of moms everywhere. If you have an iPhone, use the Volume Up button to capture a picture. This will help you reduce that blurriness.

Try Portrait Mode

On your phone, select Portrait mode. This creates depth by having an up-close subject against a blurry background.

winter photography tips: pause and review

Pause & Preview

Finally, look at the shot before capturing it if time permits. Remove distracting elements, see what a shifting perspective might do, and try moving closer to the subject. Staging a shot before you take it can drastically increase the quality of your photos. 

Employ these winter photography tips to upgrade your photography for free! Despite the colder weather, winter is a memorable season. It’s a time to celebrate this year’s victories, connect with those in your life, and look forward to the new year. Taking good pictures will help you remember this year, bringing a smile to your face as your scroll through the images on your phone, so don’t let the snow or lights hold you back from capturing the perfect moment! Try one or all of these tips to take your photography skills to the next level!

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