Winter Fun for Families – 9 Affordable Ideas

While the winter season can be a blessing, sometimes it just gets unbearable, leaving everyone trapped inside. This can lead to boredom, feeling antsy, and kids having lots of energy to burn off with no outlet. As winter approaches, it doesn’t hurt to have an “emergency activity” prepared for these days to save yourself from the insanity. Your friends here at GameTruck understand that, so we’ve put together this excellent list of affordable ways to create excitement and memories with your family this season! Take a look at our list!

Winter Fun for Families: Gametruck

Video Game Party

Invite your kid’s new classmates over for an exciting memory-building experience they won’t forget. No matter what the weather is like outside, GameTrucks are always the perfect temperature inside. With hundreds of games to choose from, classics and new releases, your kid will love deepening their friendship with new and old friends. Call your local GameTruck today to book your fall party! 

Maple Syrup & Ugly Sweaters (Dec. 17th)

Did you know that December 17th is National Ugly Sweater and National Maple Syrup Day? If you’re looking for a fun, cheap entertainment idea, try an Ugly Sweater Pancake Party! Buy or decorate your own ugly sweaters, and make your favorite pancakes. Ask your friends and family to vote on their favorite ugly sweater!

Winter Fun for Families: write a letter to someone.

Write a Letter to Someone

Everyone loves receiving stuff in the mail – except bills. Your kids can learn a lost skill and brighten a relative’s or friend’s day by writing and mailing a letter to someone.  

Plan a Vacation

Have your kids put on their tour guide hats and plan the coolest vacation. Dreaming is a great escape from the frigid winds and blustering flurries. Allow them to design an itinerary or a brochure advertising their vacation. Combine that research and creativity for an enjoyable and educational experience. 

Winter Fun for Families: find a fun family fitness routine

Fitness Fun

No gym membership? No problem! Find tons of free kid-focused workout routines online with Google, Pinterest, or Youtube. They get to burn off that energy while learning about a healthy lifestyle. 

Create & Perform a Play

Tailor this idea to fit your child’s interests. Writing the script, creating the set, acting, and directing all can be explored in this event. Let your child explore their creative side with the dramatic arts in a fun, laid-back way that the whole family and extended family can enjoy. 

Winter Fun for Families: do an art or science kit

Do an Art or Science Kit

Learning can and should be fun! Grab an art or science kit you know your child will love and do it with them. These kits can be found online or in most stores. Go on a learning or creative journey with your kid to learn alongside them. 

Winter Fun for Families: bake a recipe

Bake a Recipe

Cooking with your kids is a great way to build new memories and teach them life skills. These kid-friendly, cookbook-styled blogs are to the point with no long backstories, ads, or pop-ups.

Winter Fun for Families: Thrifted Costume

Thrifted Costume 

Have some family fun with thrifty at your favorite second-hand stores. This idea is great for creating fun memories, affordability, and spontaneous Ness. Before you start, decide on a budget. How much is each person allowed to spend on their costume? Next, decide if you want to do special categories like the 80s or leave it open for imagination. Then head to your favorite stores. Be sure to take lots of pictures to post on social media to have friends and family vote for the costume they think is the best and the silliest. 

The winter season can be a blessing and a curse at the same time, but don’t let those frigid temperatures keep your family from having an awesome winter! Try an idea off our list, customize it, and beat the boredom!

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