New Year’s Resolution – 6 Secrets You Need to Try

Admit it. It’s ok. We’ve all done it. I’m talking about the dreaded New Year’s resolution failure. You dream of success and improvement. Maybe you write it down or share it with friends, but every year, that resolution slowly dims and vanishes from the horizon. You feel defeated. We’ve all been there. No one wants to feel that way. We want to be successful and accomplished. 

The problem is that while many people create a new year’s resolution, they set themselves up for failure before they even begin the journey. These resolutions don’t empower anyone to achieve them. To accomplish a New Year’s Resolution, we need to craft a goal that sets us up for success. Here are six secrets for you to equip to create the best resolution! 

Make your new year's resolution specific.

Make your new year’s resolution specific.

Be specific in your dreams. This is the “what, when, and how.” Some examples include… 

  • Make 10,000 this year in my side hustle by the end of December 2023.
  • Write 750 words in my novel per day.
  • Read one book per month. 

Each of these examples highlight a specific goal that tells what we hope to accomplish when we will do it, and how we will do it. Research shows that by creating specific goals, we are 3x more likely to achieve them. 

Make your new year's resolution measurable.

Make your new year’s resolution measurable.

How do you plan to tell if you’ve accomplished your goal or keep track of it? We can all desire to walk more, but without a measurable goal, it’s hard to know if you’ve succeeded. Adding measurements to our resolutions can help prevent us from going off track or getting distracted. They can also induce feelings of success. We can look back, see how far we’ve come, and be encouraged. 

Going back to the examples above, each goal gives a measurement that can be tracked. A good resolution is something specific and easily measurable. 

Wrangle a Friend to help you accomplish your new year's resolution.

Wrangle a Friend to help you accomplish your new year’s resolution.

Things are always better with a friend! Have them craft their own goal that is specific, measurable, and custom to them; that way, you’ll both be empowered to reach it. 

Perhaps your dream is unique among your friend group. Consider getting an accountability partner. If you want to write 750 words daily in your novel, see if anyone in your writing Facebook group will help you stay. Accountability partners are great for support, feedback, and inspiration. If a close friend doesn’t have a similar goal, seek out another individual who’s passionate about the same thing, and join forces!

Can Technology help accomplish your new year's resolution?

Can Technology help accomplish your new year’s resolution?

Technology is an excellent tool in our back pocket that we often forget to use. Check to see if there are apps, websites, or programs that could help you accomplish your goal. From tracking business expenses to tracking books read to teaching customized workouts, see if you can utilize technology this year. 

Celebrate your Success.

After you have a specific, measurable goal, select some milestones to reward yourself. Relish your sense of accomplishment. Share it! It’s good to be proud of yourself. By celebrating your wins, you motivate yourself to continue that hard work. 

new year's resolution- Make sure you customize!

Make sure you customize!

Don’t adopt a goal or plan that doesn’t work well for you. If you want to work out more but can only do it on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for 30 minutes, don’t select a five-day-a-week workout plan that lasts an hour. Look at your schedule and lifestyle, and create something that challenges you but is still realistic. 

Getting off track with our goals happens, but being persistent and creating good ones from the start matters. Save this list to help you craft the best resolution for 2023! You can do this!