Make A Difference Day: 7 Ways to Celebrate

The responsibility of being a parent wasn’t something I truly understood until I became one. Growing up as the oldest, taking care of siblings, I knew all the physical work, like changing diapers, cooking, washing laundry, etc. However, I never knew the emotional burden of wondering, “Am I raising my child to be good?” 

Until I became a mom, I didn’t grasp the weight of responsibility that lies on a parent’s shoulder in raising a young person of character. I want my children to be compassionate, empathetic people who genuinely care about others. This is one of our main goals as parents. 

Why is Make A Difference Day important?

It can be hard to know where to start in the process of building character within kids, but one great opportunity can be through volunteering. Doing this together as a family is essential because it gives kids a model for how to show compassion, empathy, and generosity. Kids will learn that no age is too young or old to make a difference. We all can have a big impact. 

Make A Difference Day is a great opportunity to start volunteering as a family!

If you’ve been meaning to start volunteering together as a family, October 22nd is National Make A Difference Day. Take this weekend to go on this world-changing, character-developing journey with your kids. Here are seven ways to celebrate Make A Difference Day this year!

Make A Difference Day: 7 ways to celebrate with kids

Organize a fundraiser

Consider hosting or volunteering with your for your favorite cause! If you need ideas, October is the month for Breast Cancer and Down Syndrome Awareness. Kyron’s Car Show is a fundraiser we support yearly, sponsored by the Kyron Haman Foundation for missing children. If you’d like to join us in this cause, click here to learn more. 

Even if you can’t lead or participate in a fundraiser, take time to learn about a charity or cause and have family conversations about it. These types of discussions can help kids develop respect and compassion toward others. 

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

This idea is typically a kid’s favorite! Contact your local animal shelter to see how their volunteer process works. Allowing your kids to spend time with animals helps these future adoptees develop good relationships with people, so they’ll be ready for their forever home! 

If you’re looking to adopt a pet, volunteering is a wonderful way to interact with the animals, so you can get a fur baby that is an excellent fit for your family. 

An Act of Kindness

This idea encapsulates that even small gestures can have a significant impact. Choosing to be intentional encourages kids to be on the lookout for opportunities to make a difference every day. They can use their talents and passions to find ways they can help others. 

Partner with your local park

Local parks or recreation centers are great for those who love the outdoors and sports. From cleaning up after events to teaching others about your favorite sport, the recreation department is a fun volunteer outlet to connect with others. 

Help out at the Library

Was Belle your or your child’s favorite Disney princess? Then, this idea might be perfect for you! Most libraries love volunteers. From setting up displays, putting books back, and helping with literacy programs, there are many ways you can use your talents to help others. 

Thank You Cards

Displaying gratitude is an easy way that kids can participate in Make A Difference Day. Recognize those who have gone out of their way to help you. This could be teachers, coaches, friends, and so many others! Creating cards gives kids a chance to be creative while also celebrating the kindness of others. 

Soup Kitchen

This volunteering opportunity can be modified to fit your family schedule and passions. If your kid loves giving items to others, consider having them collect and donate canned food. If your child enjoys spending time, volunteer with them at the local soup kitchen. You two will get a chance to bond and build lasting memories over helping make the world a better place. Some kids enjoy purchasing gifts for others. If this is your kiddo, they could work for an allowance, take that money to the store, and buy the items they want to give. 

Celebrating Make a Difference Day is a great first step towards developing a family culture that prioritizes compassion and empathy towards others. Consider doing something on this list, or come up with your own. No matter what you choose to do, know that you are setting an excellent example for your child to model. 

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