Five Halloween Safety Ideas

Spooky season is upon us! From jack-o-lanterns to delicious treats, Halloween is here. This magical time of year brings back so many childhood memories. As a parent, you want to create these moments for your child. You want them to smile as they dress up as their favorite superhero or princess. Their costume is a unique way of expressing themselves while having fun trick-or-treating. To ensure a safe and enjoyable Halloween night, it’s important to follow these Halloween safety tips from your friends at GameTruck.

It’s easy to daydream about the excitement and joy of Halloween night, but it can quickly become a stressful or harmful experience. We never know what will happen. From allergies to strangers to getting lost, you want to protect your kid from these moments to give them the best night ever. Here are five easy ways to practice Halloween safety from your friends at GameTruck. 

1. Increase Visibility for Safe Halloween Trick-or-Treating

As the sun goes down, it can be difficult for drivers to see everyone, especially on busy streets. An easy way to keep kids safe is to increase their visibility. From reflective tape to light color costumes, you want to catch the attention of others to ensure that they’ll see your kiddos. 

If your home has trick-or-treaters visiting, consider making it even safer by ensuring walkways are well-lit and clear from debris. This helps protect visitors from slipping and falling. 

2. Trick-or-Treating in Groups: Enhancing Halloween Safety

If your child is old enough to go trick-or-treating on their own, encourage them to go with friends. An easy way to promote safety is with groups of three or more people. Larger groups of friends increase the fun and offer more protection as there are more eyes and ears in the situation. This will help deter adults with bad intentions. 

3. EpiPen Education for Allergy Safety

If your child or someone in their friend group has an allergy, take a moment to offer EpiPen education. Demonstrate how to use it in an emergency. 

4. Host a GameTruck Halloween Party: Safe and Fun Alternative

Need an alternative to trick-or-treating? Host a spooktacular party with our mobile video game theater! Kids and adults can enjoy safe, warm, and clean fun while showing off their amazing costumes. You can rest easy knowing that our game coaches will do all the set-up and clean-up for your private party while you sit back, relax, and maybe enjoy an uninterrupted adult conversation. Contact your local GameTruck here to check availability. 

5. Clear Communication for Halloween Safety

If your child will go around the neighborhood and/ or visit other ones, always practice clear communication. Discuss the route and plans ahead of time. Do periodic check-ins. When traveling with groups, plans often change, so make sure that these changes are discussed and cleared with you before changes are made. Practicing clear communication is a great way to give your child some freedom and responsibility while keeping them safe. 

Halloween is a fun and magical time of year. Use one or all of these ideas to keep your family safe while giving them the best spooky season yet! 

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