What Parents Need To Know About The New “In-Game Purchase” Label

You already knew that video games take place in virtual universes –– that’s part of the fun of playing! But many video games encourage players to spend actual money on in-game purchases, and the Entertainment Software Rating Board is responding to concern from parents by requiring publishers to include a label indicating that a game allows in-game purchases on the packaging.


So what does that mean for you? If your children love playing video games, you’ll soon be able to find out if the game you’re purchasing entices them into spending actual money. One of the most common in-game purchases is called a loot box, and it allows players to spend money and get an assortment of virtual rewards. It’s been compared to gambling because players aren’t sure whether the items they get will actually prove valuable for gameplay. Regardless, it’s concerning that your kids could be spending real money without your knowledge, which is why this new labeling measure may make life easier for parents.


The ESRB says the new rule is targeted toward parents concerned about the games they buy for their kids, although it isn’t yet clear where the “in-game purchase” notice will appear on a game’s packaging. This will make life easier for many people, though –– instead of spending time researching individual video games before buying, you’ll be able to glance at the cover and find out whether transactions are part of the game. You can also have conversations with your child about in-game purchases and the real-world consequences of spending money irresponsibly.


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