Nintendo Of America Online Store For GameTruck@Home Customers

At my house, we have completed nearly every single Zelda game on nearly every single platform.

We even had a Wii-U. Most people had never heard of it. But when I came home and found my then 12 year old daughter parked in the Den in front of the Wii-U playing this oddly colorful game where squid like creatures splashed ink all over the place – I had a feeling Nintendo was onto something special.

She had never shown this kind of interest in games like Call of Duty (which her brothers couldn’t stop playing), or the insanely hot Borderlands. No, the motion controls were intuitive to her, and she completed the entire game.

That got my attention.

Well, that and the fact Nintendo did something no other company had ever been bold enough to do. They wrapped our entire fleet with Splatoon Branding.

From that single project grew a partnership that has lasted half a decade. And today, I am excited to share that our partner Nintendo has taken another bold step.

Last week, they rolled out – for the first time ever, an online store dedicated for our customers who experience GameTruck@Home featuring the Nintendo Switch.

Check it out for yourself (I’ll be here when you get back):

I have to say, seeing the name GameTruck, on a Nintendo website in any fashion is a tremendous honor. It is also an amazing experience to see that Nintendo is so committed to supporting their customers and (customers to be).

Here’s a little secret: The store is open to ANYONE. That’s right, you heard it here first. If you are a GameTruck customer, or you have been to a GameTruck hosted celebration, or heck, you’re just reading this post and you want to check it out. You can.

The store features not only the Nintendo Switch, but Also the Switch Lite and all of the video games I told you about last week. You can order any of the games that you played at your event, including additional accessories like Splatoon 2: Splat Fest Skins and screen protector for your switch.

Personally, I find this amazing. So many big companies are focused on creating an experience for the masses. What Nintendo has done here is tremendous. They have created a store front curated to make it easy for you to find what you have experienced. How awesome is that?

I think one of the best things about the GameTruck@Home featuring Nintendo Switch celebration is that if you like what you can see, you can have it. We’re not showing you something out of reach, or unavailable. This amazing experience can be yours.

And if anything, I hope you are able to see how powerful this unit is when everyone has their own. The incredible network effect that comes from each person being able to connect to each other creates a whole new kind of experience. Everyone has their own controller, screen, and game.

This is one of the single biggest challenges with multiplayer games on other systems. Not everyone has the game, or the same console (very few games support cross platform). Even if you get all of that, you may need internet access to reach publisher servers so they can track your play. Nintendo really did a spectacular job of solving all those problems.

Perhaps this is why we are so pumped about featuring the Nintendo Switch in our GameTruck@Home program. You can play together on a big screen, you can connect wirelessly, and some games even support sharing the portable unit (go Mario Kart!) And yes, if you want to play online, that option is available.

I could not be more proud to be Nintendo’s partner, or to work with my franchise owners to make this experience available to you.