GameTruck @HOME Gets More Games

Great New Games For GameTruck@HOME Featuring The Nintendo Switch

A few weeks ago, I was excited to share that GameTruck had created a contactless event we call GameTruck@HOME. This program features the Nintendo Switch, and one of the things I love about this program is the ability to upgrade the program as time goes on. In partnership with our owner operators, we are able to distribute new games quickly and easily.

What makes GameTruck@HOME special is that every switch has all the games we promote. This creates maximum flexibility for each of the players at a celebration. I feel it is pretty cool that we now have partners like Epic Games and Microsoft joining alongside Nintendo First Party favorites.

The latest game update includes:

  • Just Dance 2021
  • Minecraft Dungeons
  • Among Us
  • Rocket League, and… 

These five additional games really connect on the multiplayer fun level. What’s more, they each dramatically diversify the fun play experience at your event.

Just Dance

Just Dance, has been a popular dance franchise for more than a decade. A perennial favorite on the Wii, and later the Wii-U this game can support up to four players dancing to their favorite tunes. The motion sensors within the JoyCon do a tremendous job matching player movement to the beats and dances of the songs. I can’t remember a single GameTruck hosted event I have gone to over the last 5 years that did not start out with Just Dance on some screen. In case you didn’t know, the GameTruck@HOME featuring the Nintendo Switch comes with a docking cradle, so you can connect a Nintendo Switch to your home theater.  Try it.  It’s an absolute blast. The girls may start Just Dance, but don’t be surprised if the boys join in too.

Sigh… if only I had rhythm. 

Minecraft Dungeons

Many people bag on the blocky graphics, but I am really excited about this game. Minecraft broke all the rules when the game launched, written in Java and released on Linux with horrible graphics – nearly every pundit who saw it thought it was doomed from the get-go. What no one except the creator knew, was that Minecraft delivered freedom. Most video games are highly constrained, limited to what the developers can design and render. Minecraft made the rendering trivial, this allowed the limited system resources to be used to do what the players really wanted: To experience freedom.  Not just freedom, but creative power as well.  Minecraft gave the power to the players, not the developers. This freedom was so compelling that millions of users played billions of hours building, discovering, and exploring their randomly generated worlds.

I feel it was only a matter of time however before demand for the challenge of a well-designed narrative made the scene.  Thanks to the folks at Microsoft, that demand has been answered with an outstanding dungeon crawler based in the Minecraft world. Minecraft Dungeons creates an amazing four player cooperative experience with all the attributes we have come to know and love from the blocky universe. Honestly, this is what I think Dungeons & Dragons was meant to be – jump into a world and explore with three of your bestest buddies. What could be better?


From Dance, to Dungeon Exploration, now it is time to jump into one of the fastest growing Esports in the world with RocketLeague. This amazing physics driven team-based soccer game has exploded globally with one of the first truly cross platform, free to play games designed from the ground up to be an online esport. From the ground up means that the game and the technology mesh perfectly.  There are no compromises to try and match a real-world experience.  RocketLeague seems to be built on the premise that:

If you can do it in the game.  You can do it in the game.

The network code is cutting-edge allowing players to compete globally with high fidelity competition. But why worry about global competition when you can throw down with the people sitting right next to you? This is what makes GameTruck events, and a celebration with GameTruck@Home so compelling.  Everyone can play because RocketLeague is now installed on every system!

A game of both fantasy and skill, RocketLeague is quick, brilliantly designed, and hits that magic sweet spot for great sports. It is easy to pick up and hard to master. Did you know that you could connect one of your Switches as a spectator to your TV and watch the 3v3 match on the big screen? Do you have a future streamer or shout caster? Have them call the game to add that high energy feel players crave at big tournaments. If authentic esport competition is what you crave, Rocket League just might be what you’re looking for.

Among Us

What’s a little subterfuge among friends? At Christmas the Novis clan connected for a little Among Us mischief and we laughed so hard we cried. It’s hard to explain how simple, fun, and compelling this game is. The controls are simple, the minigames will get your heart pulsing, but nothing beats the shear energy that erupts when someone smashes the alarm and everyone has to figure out who the traitor is. If you thought you knew each other well before Among Us, I hate to tell you, but you might be in for a surprise. Unless of course… you’re a little “sus”


I don’t think there is anything I can say about Fortnite that hasn’t already been written. Fortnite is currently a 600-pound gorilla of popular compelling games.  Fortnite is a competitive blast, and perhaps the number one game for kids of all ages. The brilliant characters, the compelling game play, and the fast turn to get back into a match make Fortnite the reigning champ. If you saw my article last week, you know that this game requires the internet and therefore is not available in every market when booking the Game Trailer.  However, GameTruck@HOME makes this game available because the players can connect to your home network! And I have to say from personal experience – Fortnite with friends is the best way to play, in the same space, the same room, shouting it out and dancing till it’s done. Show me a floss.


I am extremely proud of the GameTruckHQ team and our franchise owners for working together to make this tremendous offering even better for you and your celebration guests. The only problem I can see? You won’t have enough time to play them all!