GellyBall Time | Perfect Party Action Fun

When I started GameTruck, one of the things that was especially important to me was that the players played together. This is one of the reasons we only bring out multiplayer games for years. Later, when games like Fortnite became huge, we found a way to make those multiplayer as well. A party is about playing with your best friends. When we added Laser Tag, we focused on activities that could be played in teams. Like real life video games. We are always on the lookout for fun, safe, activities and now I am excited to share with you the latest fun celebration activity sweeping the GameTruck system: GellyBall!

GellyBall is a brilliant innovation on the water tag market. This clever little game is simple, fun, and fast paced and most of all it’s a great game to play with your friends.

Something fun for everyone

GellyBall is the latest in move and shoot team games. Think paintball without the pain and water guns without the mess. The game uses electric pistols that shoot “gelly balls”.  What is a GellyBall? A water pellet held together by surface tension and an infinitesimal amount of gel.  The pellets are 99% water. The battery powered shooters hold up to 750 pellets in their hopper and dispense pellets at a rate of 12 per second.  This means you don’t waste a lot of time reloading. Think of it as a “pixelated squirt gun”. Instead of a steady stream of “water” like a water blaster, you get better range and accuracy.  Just squeeze the trigger and you’re spraying your opponent with tiny pellets of water up to 40 feet away. When GellyBalls make contact, they burst releasing only water.  There is no mess, no stain, and they impact with more of a “Zap” than a “Sting”. 

Once players get their hands on a GellyBall gun and see how much fun it is, we find that kids and adults alike, want to play. All players are required to wear masks to  protecting their eyes and face. 

Easy to set up and clean up

A GellyBall party is fun and easy to setup. You don’t need a lot of space. Our expert staff will bring all the equipment, and plenty of GellyBalls for everyone to have enough for the entire party. The staff setup the obstacles (additional charges may apply), but they always bring the safety equipment, GellyBall guns, and plenty of Gellyballs. After a safety briefing where the players are shown how to use the equipment – they’re off! They can play last one standing, protect the president, or red vs blue. The GellyBalls make a satisfying sound as you tag out other players. And when the party is over, all the equipment goes back into the travel cases, is sanitized, and cleaned for the next party with no mess left behind. There are no paint stains, no lost plastic projectiles to sweep up, and no additional charges for ammo.

You can play indoor and outdoor

GellyBall really is flexible. Because it is essentially water in tiny amounts (each gun holds about a cup), you can play indoors or out. Of course, you don’t want to play in your house, but gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms, and other activity-based venues are perfectly fine for GellyBall. Of course, people first tend to think of GellyBall outside, and after a year pretty much cooped up, GellyBall is a fantastic way to get your kids outside and moving. Few things do a heart good quit like seeing your kids moving about your hard with their friends having the time of their life. 

Takeaway: GellyBall is a great new fun, safe activity available from GameTruck!If there’s one thing, we do well at GameTruck, it is help people play together. GellyBall is a fantastic edition to that line up of games and activities that help players and parents make positive memories that last a lifetime. More than ever, people recognize the value of coming together to connect, play, and bond. If you want to know more about GellyBall you can find more information at Check it out, it’s already our fastest selling new offering in the history of the company.