Scheduling Your Party with Flexibility, Creativity, and Patience.

We are entering that time of the year when the demand for GameTruck is at its peak. This year however we are seeing unprecedented demand. The idea of a private party with all your friends seems to be resonating with a lot of people. With demand so high however, it can be extremely challenging to get the time and date you want on the Calendar. But, with a little creativity and some flexibility – we can work together to make something amazing happen.

Stacey Knight, who is absolutely the queen of booking agents, is not only friendly and knowledgeable, she’s also creative and resourceful. To protect the innocent I have changed the names, but the facts of the story remain the same. Emily called looking for a party for her daughter. 

holiday plans

“Hi, this is Sarah’s mom. I am hoping to get onto the calendar for your outdoor LaserTag party. We need Saturday, sometime in the afternoon,” Emily told Stacey.

Stacey replies, “Happy to help; let’s take a look to see what we can do. How old are the kids?”

Emily, “Sarah is turning 13 and she’s more of a outdoor, sporty girl. But she isn’t into gaming.”

Within seconds Stacey locates the franchise closest to this parent and pulls up the calendar. Right away she sees demand is super high, the calendars are nearly full across the board. But creativity craves constraints. Stacey has an idea.

Stacey says to the mom, “Cool! Well, our LaserTag has already sold out for the afternoon times, we only have later evening around 7/7:30PM.”

Emily, is of course disappointed. She was already picturing her daughter and her friends roaming around the back yard playing LaserTag, “Oh really, darn,” She says. “I’m afraid it’ll be too late to host it!”

Kids posing while holding lasertag guns

Drawing upon her own personal experience as a mom and a customer, Stacey shares her experience with Emily. “Not necessarily! I have girls and they LOVE our LaserTag! We’ve had a lot of birthday parties with the LaserTag.

Our favorite event was for my daughter, also named Sarah, for her Sweet 16! She has a November birthday and asked for a bonfire. So, I bought a bunch of Glow sticks, put them into a bowl & let the kids decorate themselves with the various sticks I bought just after Halloween, put together a Smore’s Table, Hot Chocolate Bar, ordered a bunch of pizza, and had beverages for the kids. The LaserTag team showed up, setup the field, and we had a GLOW PARTY! It was the best party, because it was darker and you couldn’t see the kids, but you could see these streaks of light running around.”

Emily’s ton is suddenly upbeat. Given a new vision for something memorable and unique, she’s re-energized. “Oh my gosh, I LOVE THAT!” But then she realizes it’s March. “Where am I going to find those GLOW STICKS!?”

Stacey has already pulled up a browser and is searching, “Let’s Google it real quick…here are a couple sites to check out.” She sends Emily the links. “And it looks like they have expedited shipping offered if you want them sooner!”

Emily is decisive, “Let’s do it!”

They booked the event and by all accounts had an absolutely fantastic time. 

Obviously getting our first choice is best, however some of our most memorable events have come from working with parents that are able to be creative and find times and dates that work. As we head into the busy months, experience shows that a little flexibility and creativity can make for an memorable celebration.