GameTruck Approved: Brut@l

Image of GameTruck Approved Brut@l

GameTruck Approved Award

GameTruck Approved games have our seal of approval. They are the games that we believe are the best fit for our GameTruck Parties. When choosing GameTruck Approved Games, we look for console games that:

  1. embody the spirit of playing together.
  2. have co-operative single screen, but competitive single screen, split-screen, all are candidates.
  3. our audience would enjoy.
  4.  mom would be okay knowing her kids were playing it,
  5. are very rare, are a landmark title (like Zelda), or something novel (like a VR backpack).

GameTruck Approved Animated photo Co-Op Play of Brut@lOf all the games we saw at this year’s E3, the game that generated the most lunch time chatter was Brut@l. Why? It is the game we all wanted to play, and it is the game we all wish we had made.

The genius behind this game is the environment. Virtually everything is inspired by an ASCII character. At first glance, the game looks very “retro”, but that is until you dive in. Once you do, it is a fantastically, fun dungeon crawler. On of the things that make this game so unique is that the levels change each time you play.

Brut@l Upgraded to GameTruck Approved Status

On its own, Brut@l would have made its way onto all our playlists. However, we moved it to GameTruck Approved Status because it allows for single-screen co-op play with your friends. Now that is the kind of arcade fun we love to see!

The game captures the magic of Tron, allowing players to dive into a computer and become part of the world, while being unique. The animations are smooth, the controls feel good, and the battles are satisfying. Undoubtedly, Brut@l will be a great game to play at a

Undoubtedly, Brut@l will be a great game to play at a GameTruck party. Check out the video below and look for Brut@l on PS4 this fall. Download only.