Gametruck Climbs To The Top Of 2013 Hot Franchise Lists


Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) March 21, 2013

GameTruck, a leader in video game entertainment, has kicked off 2013 with a bang, climbing the ranks as one of the country’s top franchise businesses and receiving nods in prestigious media outlets including Entrepreneur Magazine and CNN. This comes on the heels of a record-breaking year for the business, with franchise operations growing to 79 franchisees operating 85 trucks nationwide. GameTruck is the original and longest-continuous running mobile video game theater concept in the country, bringing ultimate video game parties almost anywhere via self-powered, climate-controlled trailers outfitted with as many as eight flat-screen HDTV’s, enhanced sound systems and dozens of the latest multiplayer games.

Climbing the ladder 170 spots on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 list, GameTruck ranked #218 on the list of Top Franchises. The Franchise 500 list is considered to be the best and most comprehensive franchise ranking system in the world. Franchises are judged on a number of criteria, most importantly the financial strength and stability, growth rate and size of the system. GameTruck also ranked #7 on the Top New Franchise list.

Adding to the momentum building over the past few weeks, CNN Money recognized GameTruck as one of the top 5 hot franchises of the year—sparking a wave of interest from possible new investors and GameTruck franchise owners.

“It’s an incredible honor to be recognized on such important and highly reputable lists” says Scott Novis, CEO of GameTruck. “We’ve built a business model that has resonated with both franchise owners and consumers across the country, and are poised to expand exponentially in the coming years.”

Also noteworthy was GameTruck’s inclusion in Franchise Business Review’s 2012 Guide To Today’s Top Franchises under the Sports and Recreation category, and a feature on Fox Business American Franchise Spotlight which cements their success in the small business category.

GameTruck offers a premier party experience for both children and adults in an interactive, multiplayer environment accommodating at least 16 players. GameTruck trailers are equipped with more than three dozen of the latest multiplayer video games and all the major video game consoles (XBOX360®, Nintendo Wii™ and Playstation®). A GameCoach manages each event, promoting fair, interactive play. Parents can book a party simply by visiting and searching for a franchise nearby.

A standard GameTruck party consists of two hours of play for ages 6 and up; 16-20 players can compete in the trucks interior. Just like at home, GameTruck parents can look through the library and take out what they deem unacceptable for their kids.


About GameTruck

GameTruck was founded in 2006 by Scott Novis in Tempe, Arizona. It is the home of Patented Mobile Video Game Entertainment™. What started out as a fun birthday party experiment for family and friends quickly turned into a busy weekend business. In 2009, GameTruck had a break out year growing by more than 800% and expanding into most of the top markets across the United States.

GameTruck’s franchise organization is unique in that Phoenix operation continues to serve as a means to validate and improve upon the existing business system, while providing a platform to introduce new innovations in the industry as we created. In short we continue to work in the business we created, reaming laser focused on bringing people together to enjoy gaming in a multiplayer environment and to provide games with the best gaming experience available. Moreover, each GameTruck location and their staff are committed to providing high quality entertainment at an affordable price.

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GameTruck: A Unique Video Game Birthday Party Idea


Birthday parties come with a lot of fun and a lot of work for parents planning and executing these events for the offspring that they love. If you rent a facility for the party, you have to transport all your party supplies, incur high costs and in most cases turn control of your party over to a commercial facility. But what if you could hold a party in the comfort of your home, where your child and their guests would be completely entertained and the mess and craziness of a party would be kept to a minimum? Sounds great right? You can with the GameTruck.

What's the GameTruck you ask? GameTruck is a mobile and totally self-contained gaming studio. They come to your home and provide your party guests with a minimum of two hours of gaming fun. Inside you will find a huge comfortable couch across from 4 large flat panel televisions in a climate controlled environment. Stocked with dozens of the top games and the latest gaming systems, the Game Truck appeals to everyone.

The GameTruck host is your partner in your party. Once the coach has the GameTruck set up and before any of the party guests begin playing he will have you, the party host, board the GameTruck and approve all of the game offerings. This gives you complete control on what games your guests play. Some of the games do carry teen and mature ratings, as the truck attempts to appeal to a wide audience, but any games can and will be removed as an option at your call. These removed games are taken off the wall and guests do not even know that they exist as a gameplay option.

Once game approval has been made the fun begins. The game coach gets everyone up and playing quickly. On most games up to 4 people can play against each other at one time. The game coach keeps the party going, switching out games as partygoers wish, and making sure everyone understands how to play each game. All you have left to do is sit back and watch the fun.

I recently had the privilege of experiencing an evening of fun from my local GameTruck located in Indianapolis. We had a really great experience and once the truck arrived here we were playing games within a matter of minutes. We had a wide variety of ages attending the event and everyone was able to find an old favorite or a new challenging game to play. Even though I chose to remove two of the more mature game titles there was still a lot of game choices for the diverse crowd. Even with several people on the truck, the game play experience was quite good.

For parents trying to justify the cost of renting the Gametruck for your event, once you add up the expense of throwing a typical birthday party with games and entertainment, GameTruck is a real value.

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Video GameTruck Party at McDonald’s™

When I was asked to have a GameTruck Party, even though Gavin is to young to appreciate it, how could I say no? GameTruck is a portable video game trailer that is available for hire at the location of your choice, as long as there is a franchise in your general location.

Inside the climate controlled trailer there are 5 flat-screen tv’s, a long, leather couch that runs the length of the trailer, and a Playstation, Wii and XBox at each television. Included with the party is a Game Coach, basically a designated adult, who helps to put the games in for the children based on their requests, and who also facilitates the game play, so that all children get equal chance of playing. Dozens of games are available for kids to chose from, and as the person in charge of the GameTruck for that event, I was able to decide along with other parents, which games could be available to play and which ones disappeared prior to the start of the event.

Then became the process of deciding where I’d have this GameTruck Party. We live in a condo and I have a 3 and 1/2 year old, so I opted to move the truck to a location closer to Boston and invite other blogger friends to attend who had kids that were more fit for the GameTruck atmosphere. After a quick call to my friends at McDonald’s, who ironically were planning an event for kids to sample and taste the new Fish McBites, we had a large, family friendly space, and a location for the GameTruck.

Inside the restaurant, families tasted the new Fish McBites, which are only available through the month of March, played with McDonald’s themed puzzles and domino’s and received a t-shirt before they were escorted to the GameTruck. Most of the kids seemed to like the Fish McBites. I took my son at a later time to McDonald’s to sample them and though he tried one, he much more readily preferred the chicken nuggets.

Our party coach, Alex, arrived on time with the GameTruck and when we entered the truck, set the kids up with games of their preference on various platforms. During my time in the truck, no matter how many kids and adults were inside, Alex our coach was very calm and had a tremendous amount of patience. It was February and it was toasty warm inside the truck, especially when it was filled to capacity. Though some people had expressed valid concerns prior to the event regarding the noise inside the truck, most of the kids didn’t seem to notice much of what was going on around them, they were so focused on the television in front of them. In hindsight, I think the darkness inside the truck could have posed more of an issue than the noise. There were games for all age groups, fun choices for both girls and boys. Most people who attended the event were pleasantly surprised at how deceivingly large the truck was once inside. Before long, while watching our kids have a blast, the adults began dreaming of another GameTruck party playdate, solely for an adult party, in warmer weather, where we could open up the sides of the truck and have some much needed relaxation time.

For pricing information, please visit to see if there is a truck able to come to your neighborhood.

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