Win a GameTruck Video Game Party

GameTruck San Antonio hosted an end-of-school party for Shauna, the voice behind Adventures of 8 in early June. Randy Klepetko and his wife Christy were able to organize a smooth and successful event. The GameCoach and assistant GameCoach that Shauna worked with were able to deliver a great experience for all the guests using their knowledge of the games and patience with the guests.

Adventures of 8 shares the day-to-day happenings of Shauna and her multi-generational family, family-friendly reviews, and giveaways.  Shauna’s review will walk you through the entire GameTruck Party Process – from the online Party Planner to a step by step guide to what happens during the day. See Shauna’s review, “Win a GameTruck Video Game Party” below, originally posted on Adventures of 8 on June 17, 2014.

Party planning for kids can be super-overwhelming. Last year Little Man chose a party place for his birthday and it was a fiasco. Not only was it hard to make sure he gave the invites to all of his friends, once we got to the location we found out that there were two other parties at the same time. Oh my goodness, what a mad-house. Thankfully I now know that there is a better way to do things. You see, Little Man asked for an end-of-school party and at first I brushed him off as I thought it would be too much work, but then I learned about GameTruck, the ultimate video game party truck!

GameTruck is a literally a truck filled with video games and TV’s that actually comes to the location of your choice. Planning your GameTruck video game party is super-easy, using their Online Party Planner to help you with free invites that can be emailed to all of your guests and even keeps track of your RSVPS! Read more…


Giveaway-GameTruck Party

In late May, the GameTruck North Houston team hosted an end-of-school event for Alba, the voice of Independent Mami. Inspired by her nephew’s birthday party, Alba found the GameTruck a well air-conditioned party option. New owners Ivonne and Luis Robledo made sure the event was on time and ready to go. The GameCoach made sure every player got a turn and that the Game Theater stayed cool and comfortable. Seeing GameTruck as  great for both boys and girls, Alba came away from her GameTruck party with a positive experience.

Based in Houston, TX, Independent Mami covers everything from giveaways to fitness, to family-friendly movies. See Alba’s review of GameTruck, “Giveaway-GameTruckParrty” below, originally published on May 29, 2014 on

The end of the school year is here and summer break is just a few hours away.  What is the one thing your kids love to do the most when at home?  My kid is play games.  A couple of months ago my sister in law threw my nephew a birthday party and she had a game truck come for a couple of hours.  This is was great because it kept all the kids entertained.  There was plenty of room in the truck for all of them to play-with 4 HGTVs, different game systems, and so many games to choose from.

I was worried about the heat and worried about my kids being too big but I didn’t have to worry about it.  The GameCoaches were great.  They were on time.  They set up the tvs and games fast.  Everyone got a turn to play.  I liked having an air conditioned area space available that I don’t have to clean up afterwards. Read more…


Unique Party Idea & GameTruck Party Giveaway

Stephanie, the voice of Mammamoiselle offered a GameTruck give away to her readers in late June 2014. While her son was too young to have the best possible GameTruck experience for her to review, Stephanie though her readers would appreciate hearing about GameTruck and the chance to win a GameTruck party.

Stephanie is the mother of two-year-old twin girls and a four-year-old boy. Her blog, Mammamoiselle, is dedicated to sharing parenting and lifestyle tips, recipes, and glimpses into her life as a mother of three in the New York/New Jersey Metro Area.

You can read about Stephanie’s give away below, originally published by on June 27, 2014.

My son is entering an age where birthday parties with friends are so important. We live in an area where everyone is always trying to, in my opinion, outdo one another and have the most unique party. When the good people at GameTruck contacted me, I was interested in learning more because it was such a unique idea. I was offered a party for review, but my little guy is still a bit too young for the concept, at 4.  Still, I wanted to bring my readers this unique party idea and take GameTruck up on their offer to provide my readers with the chance to WIN a Game Truck Party (see below). Read more…