5 Activities Inspired by Video Games for Summer 2018

Five Activities inspired by Video Games for this Summer!

Looking for activities for kids during Summer 2018? Trying to come up with some fun birthday games and not sure what kind of activities to plan? Whether your an adult or a toddler, here are 5 activities inspired by videos games for Summer 2018 that will bring loads of joy and excitement.

1. Super Mario Obstacle Course

Having a birthday party for large groups and a fan of Super Mario? Then recreating Water World in your backyard would be an awesome way to kick off the summer. Kids can let out their energy that has been bottled up for the entire school year by avoiding the chomping flowers, jumping the pipes, and stomping the Goombas. These creative obstacle courses are a great way to have a fun-filled birthday party and make excellent activities for the rest of the summer! Watch as your kids power through these obstacles courses and show-off their Super Mario skills!

2. Backyard Angry Birds

Looking to have a more active game that involves strategy? How about a game that showcases your slingshot skills and your hatred of the green pigs? Then this activity is a must! All you need to turn this video game into a backyard extravaganza is some medium size pillows, cardboard, and a homemade slingshot. This activity is perfect for large groups as they can team up and challenge one another. This is surely an unforgettable experience and will have all your guests excited and eager to participate.

3. Make a Superhero Cape

Want to unleash your kid’s inner superhero fantasy and showcase their superhero abilities? Then making a superhero cape for them is the ultimate activity for kids to do this summer! Constructing their favorite superhero’s cape will take some time but acts as a fun indoor resting period for the kids and adults. After their done, they can test out their newly gained superpowers with relay races outside!

4. Minecraft Wall Art

For an alternative activity that involves some arts and crafts time, making Minecraft wall art is a great activity for kids to do for Summer 2018. Assembling a collective piece of wall art will allow your kids to create different art pieces inspired by their favorite Minecraft scenes and work together to assemble them in one piece. This activity is a great way to involve constructive learning activities into your child’s Summer curriculum.

5. The Incredibles Glider

This activity is a hands-on experience that your kids will love to do for the summer. Being able to build their gliders and seeing it fly around the yard will light up your child’s eyes. This fun activity will teach them how to construct a 3D model from scratch and will allow them to use their imagination to design it the way they want it. When the kids are done, they can show their pride in their gliders while they fly to the finish line outside.

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