Holiday Gift Ideas for Gamers

Best holiday presents and video game consoles for gamers.

There are few things as stressful as scrambling around before the holidays to find gifts for everyone on your list. Your brother says, “I don’t want anything” and your best friend claims, “I’m easy — I’ll like anything you get me,” and their generic answers can make gift giving seem nearly impossible.

However, if you have a gamer on your list, consider yourself lucky because we are living in the golden age for all things gaming! Check out this list below for the top systems and consoles to get the gamer in your life.

Nintendo Switch

Fans of the classic Nintendo system will love this new and improved gadget. Simply leave the tablet on the dock to charge while you play on your TV or take it to go! That’s right — it is especially great for gamers who are always on the go because you can take the tablet with you, plug in the Joy-Cons, bring your portable charger, and you’re ready to go.

Xbox One X

This one is perfect for the HD addict because it is the first full 4k gaming system on the market! This system will give you incredible graphics to make the gamer in your life feel like they are doing more than just play the game – it’ll put them inside the game!

PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony has had a cult-like following from the moment it burst into the gaming scene, so you can bet that any PlayStation will be a welcomed and appreciated gift! Additionally, this system was created with virtual reality technology in mind, allowing your gamer to feel like they are in the thick of things. If you have a Sony-lover – or any video game enthusiasts – on your list who is interested in VR, this is the system to get.

Super NES Classic

Nintendo released this classic system last year with 21 of the best games preloaded onto the device! This is the perfect system for the 90’s kid on your gift list, and the preloaded games it comes with has it acting as a two-in-one.

Vive VR System

This one is for the virtual reality connoisseur. With a 15×15 foot space, you have full, 360-degree body motion, transporting your favorite gamer directly into the game! Additionally, there are more than 2800 games available for this system, so not only will your gamer never be bored, but you’ll have an easy time shopping for their birthday in a few months!


If you’re looking to shop for your gamer on a lower budget, a gaming console isn’t the only way to go! You can’t go wrong with accessories to help enhance the gaming experience – the right accessories can completely change a gaming experience. Look for headsets, gaming chairs, and controllers. For the computer gamer, try a gaming keyboard to improve the experience or a customized mouse pad for low budget but personal gift. Finally, to state the obvious, the gamer in your life needs games to play! Ask them what console they currently have and enjoy, and buy them a game or two that you think they’ll enjoy!

Give Them a Gift They’ll Remember

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