What makes a Great GameTruck Owner? One word.

Introduction: The Power of Caring in GameTruck Ownership

Recently Brandon Wiele, GameTruck’s Chief operating officer, asked me what I would say to someone considering joining the GameTruck franchise system. The timing of his question is interesting because I had just gone through my own exercise in discovering my [[My Immutable Laws]], the set of values that I tend to work from every day. At the top of that list is one word. I realize that is the word that describes someone who can be successful in GameTruck. What is the magic word? Cares.

Caring as the Foundation of GameTruck’s Success

I have made many mistakes in my life, but at every juncture I cared about getting it right. Did I? No. But I got it right often enough to still be in business 15 years after I started this crazy enterprise. I believe it is that deep sense of caring that permeates the entire GameTruck system. I know this is why top owner Erik Maxwell says, “We are GameTruck.”. It’s not some piece of equipment or a thing we own. It is who we are.

Probably what separates long term success from an expensive life lesson is that simple word. People who think they are purchasing their way into the game industry rarely succeed, or achieve the kind of self-satisfaction they hope for when they start a business.

Dependability: The Key to Long-Term Success

The people who strive to be dependable, who want to be the person you should call first because they are dependable and committed – those are the people who succeed. They are calm in a crisis – and while a birthday party may not sound like a crises, I assure you there are many small fires along the way that will spring up to try and prevent you from showing up in this industry. And the owners who care, who take it as a personal commitment to be dependable, the ones who are energized by being trustworthy and steadfast, those are the owners who succeed.

They derive the satisfaction of delivering on their commitments and making people happy. The joy that springs from a child’s face when they are surrounded by friends. The laughter that comes naturally from workmates playing together. Most importantly, the smiles and sense of wonder that crosses the face of children stepping from a school yard into a game trailer. Those are the payoffs that gives meaning to the hard work and the commitment to show up.

If you were to ask me, the one attributes that sets GameTruck owners apart, is that they care. They care about showing up on time, about delivering a great event and about making the hosts life easier. And they have to. Mothers and fathers trust us with their children. Principals and teachers trust us with their students. Managers and team leaders trust us to engage and entertain their employees. If you don’t care, you cannot consistently, year in and year out earn that kind of trust and keep it safe.

What makes someone a great GameTruck owner? In a word, They care.

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