WaterTag Parties at GameTruck Cherry Hill



Fun in the Sun

Holy Moly does it get hot during these last months of summer! A majority of people, if they are smart, spend a majority of that time in the shade or by the pool. While this can be extremely relaxing, and necessary for “me time,” it can all get a bit … boring.

So how can you “mix up” these last summer days? How can you do a complete 180 yet still maintain the hours of fun that can be spent at the pool?

Make a Splash with WaterTag

GameTruck Cherry Hill is proud of and excited to announce their newest adventures. Now apart from the HUGE selection of video games and different consoles (like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4), WaterTag is now available.

For those of you that are not familiar, WaterTag is the hottest outdoor game this year. GameTruck Cherry Hill’s latest tag based group game can host up to 40 players at a time. That’s right, 40 players! That means that not only will the kids be able to participate, but mom and dad can make a splash too.

The Gear

Much like LaserTag, only twice as refreshing, WaterTag includes water guns and a vest.

This adjustable vest gauges the amount of water any individual is hit with, so as they get blasted with cool water the ball on the meter slowly climbs upwards. When it reaches the top, that means you’ve been tagged. While you may be down, you are certainly not out; because the fun can last for hours!

The water guns that GameTruck Cherry Hill provide for the game of WaterTtag should really be called water cannons. The pump action water guns, with a range of 70 feet, allow for an easy fill-up. This quick refill means that you can get back out on the playing field even sooner, and enjoy the party fun for more time.

Try WaterTag Today

So if you are tired of the same water activities, or want to try a new and unique birthday party experience, give GameTruck Cherry Hill a call at (866) 253-3191. Let them break the chain of monotony that binds you and cool you down in the process.