Top 5 Benefits to Booking a Morning GameTruck Party

There are so many benefits to booking a morning GameTruck party! Although conventional wisdom says you should book your party in the early afternoon, we don’t see the benefits. Nope, when you call us to book, we believe you can have MORE fun and receive several benefits if you don’t book in the traditional early-mid-afternoon birthday party time slot.

Here are our TOP 5 Benefits to Booking a Morning GameTruck Party

  1. Donuts, Mimosa’s, and GameTruck! Let’s be honest, there is nothing like waking up, making yourself a tasty drink (your favorite coffee, or morning alcoholic beverage) while your birthday kid and their friends scarf down a few donuts before going out to one of our amazing video game trailers (or engaging in a fun round of laser tag) as you sip in the silence or have some adult conversations over your beverages.
  2. Avoid Sport Schedules. No matter what sport your kid plays, on the weekends the games always seem to be in the afternoon. Perfect! Have them put their “video game face” on with a morning party before putting on their preferred sports “game faces”. Celebrate your kiddo’s big day before heading out to the old ball game!
  3. Younger Kids Do Better in the Morning. After a solid night’s sleep, gamers aged 8, 9, and 10 seem to always do better and are more energized in the morning. Imagine watching your kids lose their minds as we pull up to your house for that morning party, then imagine them getting out all their energy and excitement in our video game trailers playing games that make them move like the popular 1-2 Switch, or the latest iteration of Just Dance.
  4. The Perfect Morning Add-on to Any Sleep Over. Your party is an excellent motivator for those sleepy heads that spent the night before getting up and getting out of the house for a couple of hours (while you drink your coffee.. and Bailey’s? 😊). Real talk. You’ve been dealing with a crew of 8-11 years old’s all night, why not book a morning party and let one of our awesome GameCoaches engage them in some solid video game fun? Best investment, EVER!  
  5. Enjoy The Rest of Your Day. The checklist. We all do it. During the weekends, your checklist gets even bigger than during the week. When you have a party in the morning, the benefit here is you get the rest of the day to get everything else done on that checklist. No checklist? Well, even better! You now have the rest of the day to yourself & your family. LET’S GO!!!

BONUS Benefit:

Less Whining, More Playing. Morning GameTruck parties eliminate the full day of “Is it time for my party?” and “Mom, when will my friends get here?” Schedule that morning party and get them playing together before they can even ask what time it is!

Sure, afternoon parties are cool, but we think we have made a very compelling case for booking a morning party for your children. No matter what time of day you have your party, we will continue to provide the most fun and enjoyment for your VIP and their friends as well as some downtime for you. When you book a GameTruck party, you’re booking more than a party, you’re booking memories that will last a lifetime.

We look forward to seeing you at your next event!