Get Your Kids Outside and Enjoy Springtime!

Kids can’t stay inside and play video games all the time. Okay… so they technically CAN, if we’d let them, but we know that they shouldn’t. But how do we get our kids outside and enjoying springtime? GameTruck San Jose made this list that is sure to get your kids outside and moving.

Make it a Group Activity

Call some friends and take them to the park. If you have space, bring their friends over to play in the yard. Outdoor group socialization is important for child development. It is necessary for children to play together for physical, cognitive, social, and emotional well-being. Children learn valuable skills when they play together like problem-solving, creative-thinking, and cooperation with others. If you gather your child’s friends together for outdoor play, they will be much more willing to play outside. Also, their friends’ parents will thank you for encouraging their kids to play outside – and for giving them a break! If you’re in San Jose, take them for a giant game of Monopoly in Discovery Meadow.

Teach Them Some Old Games

Teaching children about the favorite games that you played as a child creates a connection between the two of you. It is also a fantastic way to get you involved in playing with them outside, and it’s always amusing for parents to reminisce about their own childhood! Your child might already play some of these games at recess or daycare, but let them know it was once your favorite, too.

Schedule An Event

Scheduling an event can be another great way to get your children’s friends together and engage them in some outdoor play. Here’s a cool idea for a DIY treasure hunt. The treasure hunt taps into all those skills that outdoor play encourages: co-operation, problem-solving, and creative thinking. Or, create an event your children will always remember. GameTruck San Jose can turn any outdoor space, like a park or yard, into an awesome gaming party. That way, your child and their friends can game and play outside. It’s win-win!

Start a Competition

“Bet you can’t catch me!” A little competition may motivate your children to get moving outside. While not every child is competitive, if your child likes a contest, use it to your advantage. Games like horse, cornhole, and horseshoes, are enjoyable, and they also require little exertion on the parent’s part.

 Bring Indoor Activities Outside

Put down a blanket and get out a book! Just being outside in the sun helps keep children healthy by producing much needed vitamin D. Indoor games brought outside will take on a unique spin on an old classic when played outdoors. For example, with a little spray paint, you can make your own outdoor twister board. Another activity to take to the backyard is painting. Set-up a huge canvas that will allow your child to have a ton of fun and get messy, but since the painting is done outside, clean-up will be easy; just get out the hose! Once the paint dries, put the canvas up somewhere inside, so everyone can admire their masterpiece.


Get Outdoors with GameTruck San Jose

Looking for something more exciting than these tried and true activities? Combine an outdoor day at the park with your children’s favorite video games. Just confirm the availability with your local park ahead of time, and GameTruck San Jose can bring the party to you. Request a free quote here or call us at (866) 253-3191 today!