Why You Should Throw a Back-to-School Party

With the school year starting up, your kids are probably lamenting the end of summer fun. Days spent outside are traded for math lessons and homework. However, there is a great way to get your kids excited about the school year and get them motivated to work extra hard this year. How, you ask? By throwing a back-to-school party with GameTruck San Jose!

Make your kids feel special

A back-to-school party is not only motivating for your kids; it helps them know that you think they’re important and that their education is important. Rather than being a reward for hard work, a back-to-school party can be an incentive to work even harder, study smarter, and be an overall confidence boost for your kids.

Get them to relax from the stress of a new school year

A lot of times we underestimate the stress that a new year of school has on our kids. It helps to think of each new school year as if it’s like starting a new job. Most adults are anxious about new jobs. We are presented with a whole new set of expectations, a new routine, even a new commute – all of which can be overwhelming at times. The same can be said of the new school year. Everything is new, and no matter how old your kids are, everybody gets first day jitters. By throwing a back-to-school party you can get your kids to relax and reframe their idea of starting a new year as an opportunity for fun!

Get ready to be one of the coolest parents around

How many parents do you know that have thrown a back-to-school party? Probably just a handful – if any. You’re used to hearing about end-of-the-year parties, or school parties around the holidays, but few back-to-school parties. This is great for you because of the novelty of the activity. Your kids and your friends won’t know what’s hit them when you announce that you are planning the first fun event of the year!

Fun & Easy: Throw a Back-to-School party with GameTruck

Now that you’re geared up to throw an amazing back-to-school party for your kids, it is time to pick the perfect event planner! Who better than GameTruck San Jose? We’ve got you covered for the latest games and consoles. The best part? You don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll take care of set-up and breakdown – not to mention managing the fun during the party – all thanks to our awesome GameCoaches.

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5 Essential Components of a Back-to-School Party

Heading back to school after a summer of fun can be difficult for kids as it means earlier bedtimes, buzzing alarm clocks, and piles of homework. Throwing a fun back-to-school party is the perfect way to end the summer and get everyone excited for the upcoming school year. To help you host an amazing back-to-school party that the kids will be talking about for weeks, GameTruck Savannah has compiled a list of five essential things your party needs.

1. Entertainment

Let’s cut right to the chase: every successful back-to-school party needs some form of entertainment. This year, skip the inflatable moonbounce and host a video game party or laser tag event with GameTruck Savannah. We deliver hours of entertainment directly to your doorstep. Our mobile game trailers are fully stocked with the latest video games and consoles and can hold up to 24 players at a time. We also offer top-of-the-line laser tag equipment that both kids and adults will love. GameTruck Savannah can transform your yard or park into a laser tag battlefield. With GameTruck Savannah, everyone will be having too much fun to worry about starting school in a few days.

2. Invitations

Party invitations are an essential component of your back-to-school party. Include the important details such as where and when the party will be held and if the guests need to bring anything with them. Don’t forget to include a RSVP, so you can get a headcount on how many people will be attending and plan accordingly. If you book a party with GameTruck Savannah, you’ll be able to choose from our online invitations, which offer the perfect way to keep track of who will be coming to your party.

3. Yummy Food

Every successful party includes some delicious food to munch on in between bouts of fun. Start the school year on a good foot by offering healthy and tasty foods. Provide fresh veggie and fruit trays as a starter and offer food that’s easy to grab and eat like mini grilled cheese sandwiches, which are sure to be a hit. To remind the kids that summer may be coming to a close, but it’s not quite over yet, provide fruity popsicles or ice cream as a dessert.

4. Party Favors

Party favors can be a great way for your guests to fondly remember the party and it doesn’t have to be expensive! A clever idea for back-to-school party favors is to make them school-themed. Send each guest home with a pencil case filled with pens, pencils, erasers, and a fun notepad. Instead of being tossed aside a few days later, these party favor will come in hand when school starts.

5. Music and Memories

When planning your back-to-school party, don’t forget about the music! Create a playlist that the kids will love. We’re not saying you have to include “ABC” by The Jackson 5, but if you need a break from the Kidz Bop albums, it’s an option. And to remember the fun, be sure to take photos throughout the party.

Host a Back-to-School Party with GameTruck Savannah

Ease the transition from summer to school with an exciting party thrown by GameTruck Savannah. Planning and hosting a party with us is simple and stress-free, and we guarantee that your guests will have a blast. To learn more about our party packages, contact GameTruck Savannah today at (912) 877-6555.