Family Staycation Ideas You Need to Try

Family Staycation Ideas for this Summer

Who said you need to travel miles away to have a fantastic summer vacation? With the right family staycation ideas, you can turn your home into a summer paradise. We’re here to guide you through some fun-filled activities and themes that can make your family staycation as thrilling as any far-flung getaway. Let’s dive right in!

go camping in the backyard on your staycation

DIY Home Camp Setup

Turn your backyard into a fun-filled campground! Setting up tents, telling stories around a faux campfire, and stargazing can bring the wilderness adventure right to your backyard. Include fun camp games and don’t forget the essential camping treat – s’mores!

do dress up days on staycation. thrift and take pictures

Themed Days

Make each day of your staycation unique with a different theme. A beach day could involve sandboxes, kiddie pools, and fruity drinks. Movie day could see you creating a homemade theater, complete with popcorn and a family-friendly flick. For science day, conduct simple yet exciting experiments. Let your creativity run wild!

planning ahead can help with summer activities for kids

Indoor and Backyard Activities

The beauty of a staycation is the flexibility it affords. From crafting sessions to treasure hunts, your house and backyard are playgrounds waiting to be explored. How about a backyard Olympics or an indoor dance-off? The sky’s the limit!

cook together and bake with kids for an activity to do with kids.

Family Cooking and Baking Ideas

Use this staycation to discover new recipes and involve the kids in cooking. From homemade pizzas to decorating cupcakes, there’s a bounty of culinary adventures awaiting your family. Plus, these activities also teach kids valuable skills and foster a love for cooking.

play board games with kids to beat summer boredom

Fun and Educational Board Games

Board games are a great way to keep the fun indoors. They not only keep your family entertained but also stimulate cognitive skills. Games like Scrabble can improve vocabulary, while Monopoly can impart basic money management skills. So, break out those board games and let the fun begin!

Staycation idea for kids. GameTruck party is a mobile gaming theater that can come to your house!

GameTruck Party

Want to level up your staycation? Consider hosting a GameTruck party! GameTruck delivers excitement to your doorstep with a truck full of video games, consoles, and a GameCoach to guide the play. This can be a fantastic idea for a block party or a large family gathering. So, get in touch with your local GameTruck and make your staycation unforgettable!


There you have it! With these fun-filled family staycation ideas, your home will transform into the ultimate summer paradise. Remember, the goal is to create joyful memories and deepen your family bond. So, get started on your family staycation and make this summer one for the books!

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