Nintendo Switch Sports | Sports for Your Whole Family

Nintendo Switch Sports was released on Friday and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint! If any of you played Wii Sports, the original game that came when you purchased your Wii back in the day then you will absolutely love Nintendo Switch Sports.

Photo of my kids playing Nintendo Switch Sports. (volleyball)

Nintendo Switch Sports was released on Friday and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint! If any of you played Wii Sports, the original game that came when you purchased your Wii back in the day then you will absolutely love Nintendo Switch Sports.

(And yes, if you’re not careful, you might even break a TV screen or two)

My two kids (ages 6 and 8) and I were up for close to 4 hours playing together, laughing, learning, and loving every minute of it! One of the coolest aspects of the game is a feature that usually sets Nintendo apart from the rest, anyone can pick up the controller and play.

Both my children had no trouble picking things up and even beating me in a few matches (something I do not let them do if I can help it). It’s awesome how this game puts every participant on equal footing and delivers excitement in the process.

Here is a breakdown of the games you can play and how the gameplay works in each game:


A classic take on a classic game. Volleyball makes you feel like you are out on a sandy beach in California. Using your single Joy-Con controller, you can use the bump motion to bump the ball to your opponent, where the CPU or a live person sets it (if a live person, they make the set motion) and then you can jump up by lifting your forearm up and spike it by slamming it down again. My children went wild for this game as they won a couple of matches together against me and the computer.


This version of bowling is very similar to the Wii Sports version except the controller is much more steady, accurate, and reliable. It is highly recommended that you wear your wrist strap for every one of these games, but especially this one as it is very possible for the Joy-Con to fly out of your hands as you make the bowling motion. I really loved playing this with the kids and this was by far their favorite – I think we played 8 or 9 games together. Once they got the hang of it, they had the most success with this game (and talked a ton of trash to me as they threw strikes). I really loved how you could twist your wrist to make the ball spin and the ability to position your throw anywhere in the lane. That feature made it super realistic!


We played all out 4 on 4 soccer, and it was as glorious as it sounds. This game was truly awesome! We didn’t have the leg piece where you can run and kick but even just using your hands made this feel like a real-life soccer match. You can choose how many players to play either 1 vs 1 or 4 vs 4 and then you use the Joy-Cons to kick the ball, head the ball and direct the ball where you want it to go. This game felt like Rocket League without the cars. Really also loved the golden ball (which doubles the number of points) and the celebration movements after scoring a goal.


Grab your Joy-Con and swing it in the air like you just don’t care! This game requires patience, concentration, and supple wrists. With just a wrist flick you can really hit that birdie anywhere you’d like! I really enjoyed teaching my kids how to play this game that I used to play at Grandma’s house back in the day. Within minutes, they were flicking and slashing the bird back and forth on the screen which made for some interesting, fun, and exciting volleys. This might be the most underrated game of all the games in the pack.


A fencing game where you can duel with others from a platform above the water. You can choose a single, non-electric charged sword, a charged sword, and two swords. You play by holding the Joy-Con like a sword and using it to block/thrust your way to victory. As a former actor and non-professional fencer (I learned to fence in a fight scene in an opera once). I had some previous knowledge of how the moves would work. My kids didn’t really stand much of a chance and after the third or fourth time they were dunked into the water, they were ready to move on. I really loved this game. It’s a different flavor and gives you a cool, motion-based sword game that normally you wouldn’t find on the Switch. The only downside is only 2 players can play at the same time.


Last but not least, my kids and I played some doubles tennis. A few features that stood out to me here were the ability to power serve (which my daughter mastered quickly) and the ability to lob/backhand with ease. I found it fascinating how accurate the Joy-Con picked up on my wrist movements. By the end of the match, I was teaching my son the different ways to swing his arm/wrist. He was playing like a pro. This version of tennis is another game we played for over an hour (but seemed like 15 minutes).

So, to wrap things up, Nintendo Switch Sports is AWESOME. I highly recommend it for any sized family. Once you pick it up, you will be playing together and having fun for hours. This game would be totally cool as a birthday present, family fun night activity, or a reward for a job well done. Whatever the reason, pick this game up now. And if you have kids, play these games with them, and enjoy every single moment of it.

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