5 Best Gaming Accessories You NEED in 2019

Accessories for video gaming in 2019.

The holiday season is over and we know a few of you gamers may have some extra money that you don’t know what to do with… Well, there are constantly new gaming accessories coming out, so we thought we’d help you narrow down your choices with our guide about what we think is the cream of the crop. It’s dangerous to go alone… so take one of these with you.

Nintendo Switch Joycon Charging Station

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best current consoles. Nintendo really brings the fun to any environment with this marvelous system, so whether you’re at home or on the go… the switch does it all! The controllers for the Switch, or Joycons, charge whenever you have the console hooked up into the home dock. But for those who frequently play multiplayer games or have a few children at home, you may need multiple controllers, right?! The FastSnail Controller Charger gives you the ability to charge multiple controllers at one time, and even has indicator lights to let you know when they’re done! It’s an amazing accessory for any gamer who loves to have friends over to play fun multiplayer games, like Super Mario Party or Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Headphone Stand With USB Charging Ports

A large part of the online gaming experience is being able to talk to who you’re playing with. A common problem we see time and time again is that with more accessories comes more clutter and mess. Cozoo makes a headphone stand that will help not only organize your gaming area but can help you multitask! The stand is powered and comes with three USB ports so you can charge your phone, tablet device, or anything else you can think of!

ONIKUMA Stereo Gaming Headset

We personally think a big part of your gaming experience is being able to hear the soundtrack or background noises as clearly as possible. Whether you’re engaged in an epic RPG like Kingdom Hearts 3, or you’re fighting players online in Fortnite… it’s important to submerse yourself in the game and hear every little aspect of it. ONIKUMA’s Stereo Gaming Headset is great for any player and any console. With 5-star reviews across the board, it’s a product that delivers and performs no matter what.

Rocketfish 4-Port HDMI Switch

An HDMI switch is a great accessory for any gamer who has multiple consoles or just generally uses their television for a lot of different devices. Most TV’s have only three or four HDMI inputs, making it an annoying ordeal to change things around whenever you need to add something new. With an HDMI switch, you can not only increase the number of devices you use, but you can make it as easy as possible to switch between them!

PlayStation VR

Virtual Reality headsets have become a huge part of the gaming industry in record time, and we can only anticipate them to become even more popular over time. PlayStation VR pushes the boundaries of what can be done with a VR headset and is an amazing accessory for any PlayStation loving gamer. With titles such as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Batman: Arkham VR, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Sony really has come through with exciting new ways to experience virtual reality.

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