GameTruck for Fundraisers

GameTruck Parties are the ideal fundraiser activity.

Fundraisers are an important part of any nonprofit organization or extracurricular activity. Pizza parties and school spaghetti dinners are a staple, but are you looking for something a little more exciting? Whether you’re looking to raise money for a school or church group, a GameTruck party is a great way to ensure an exciting time and a great turnout.

Kids are naturally drawn to our state-of-the-art Game Trailer, packed with our extensive collection of games and consoles. With the latest family-friendly games, GameTruck parties offer exciting, safe, and more importantly, unique activities that are sure to bring people to your next event and put the fun in fundraiser.

The Arcade Comes to You

Video games offer excitement for all ages: young kids, ancient wizards, and everyone in between, which makes them the ideal activity for your upcoming fundraiser. Unfortunately, it’s either difficult or impossible to take your fundraiser to the local arcade. And that’s not accounting for all those quarters spent on games, rather than your cause!

So bring the arcade to your guests. When we roll up to your venue, we bring an entire arcade’s worth of video games with us. We’re bringing the latest and greatest games, and our Nintendo Switch consoles are sure to be a hit with your guests, young or old.

Hold a LaserTag Tournament

GameTruck’s LaserTag is an ideal fundraiser activity. It’s fast paced, exciting, and can accommodate a large crowd with ease. For smaller groups, hold a tournament with entry fees and offer a prize for the winning team. They say that competition brings out the best in people. Put that saying to the test and see how much your guests are willing to help your cause before entering the arena.

If you’re worried about space constraints, our LaserTag system can accommodate just about any environment.

Our GameCoaches Are There to Lend a Hand

One of the greatest challenges that a fundraiser faces is the question of staffing. How do you make sure that each guest is getting their fair share of game time? That’s where our professional staff comes in.

Our GameCoaches are on hand to take care of everything and make sure that the event runs smoothly. Our GameCoaches manage turn rotations, referee duties, and watch over to make sure that everyone celebrates in an environment that is safe and fun for everyone. Our staff specializes in planning a hassle-free event that your guests will never forget!

The Ideal Fundraiser idea for Savannah

Exciting activities are a vital component to a fun and successful fundraiser. GameTruck is a convenient and low-cost alternative to traditional forms of entertainment. We’re sure to give your fundraiser guests an experience that they’ll be talking about for weeks to come. For more information or to receive a quote, give us a call at 912-877-6555!