GameTruck Core Value – Apply What You Learn

As a business owner, I have learned the importance of sharing both company (GameTruck core value) and personal values. Dr. Sabrina Starling’s advice resonated with me, prompting me to reflect on the values that guide my business and personal life. Among them, the value of “Applying what you learn” stands out. In this blog post, I will explore how this value drives innovation and positive impact in my business and beyond.

Dr. Sabrina Starling encouraged me as a business owner not just to share values from our company culture but also my personal values. It made a lot of sense to me. It’s intuitive that a business owner would strongly impact the culture of the company they founded. So I sat down and created a list of 8 values that are important to me personally. Once I started looking at them I could see that, yes, I do see those values playing out in my business virtually every day.

The Value of Applied Knowledge

One of the values I wrote down reads “Apply what you learn.”Coming from an engineering background and a family that values education, I have always prioritized learning. However, knowledge without practical application holds limited value for me. While interesting facts and trivia entertain me, I find true value in using knowledge to make a difference. This mindset stems from my responsibility as a business owner to deliver value and positively impact the lives of others. By going beyond mere entertainment and actively seeking ways to apply new knowledge, I can drive innovation and create meaningful change.

Applying Knowledge to Make a Difference

Whenever I learn something new, I immediately ask myself how I can apply it to improve my world or the lives of those I care about. This broad category includes my family, colleagues, and clients. As I consume information, I constantly question its usefulness and potential applications.

Adopting Time Feriss’ Process

Inspired by Tim Ferriss, I have incorporated a useful process when reading physical books. I draw a box in the front of the book, listing page numbers next to it to serve as an index for ideas and highlights. By the end of the book, I ask myself how the acquired knowledge should impact my practices and habits. This reflection helps me create an action plan rather than simply gaining new information.

Promoting Knowledge in Others

As the learning chair for a non-profit organization, I always consider the takeaway value for the audience when inviting speakers. My aim is to generate movement and change in their lives and the causes they care about. This approach aligns with my core values, emphasizing the importance of applying knowledge rather than letting it go to waste.

Bringing together all my knowledge and experiences has led to remarkable innovations. One such achievement was the design and construction of the first mobile video game trailer, which fostered a shared gaming experience. Unlike previous endeavors that isolated players, I envisioned a setting where everyone could see and participate in each other’s games. This vision gave birth to GameTruck, a successful franchise that has entertained millions of kids and adults over the past fifteen years.

Applied knowledge is a core value that fuels innovation and impact. As business owners and individuals, we have the power to leverage the knowledge we acquire and translate it into meaningful actions. By embracing this value, we can drive positive change, create innovative solutions, and make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

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