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GameNight Events Hosted by GameTruck Cherry Hill

At GameTruck Cherry Hill, we believe that gaming isn’t just for kids. Our goal is to make sure that all gamers enjoy themselves, regardless of their age. Did you know that GameTruck Cherry Hill regularly sponsors gaming tournaments and get-togethers for adult gamers in the West Chester or Manayunk, PA area? Here are just a few reasons why you should check out the next GameNight Event by GameTruck Cherry Hill!

Life’s Better in 2 Player

Why stay home and play video games alone?

Our GameNight Events provide the perfect opportunity to socialize with fellow gamers in the area while enjoying a cold craft beer and some of the world’s greatest games.

Our host bars Manayunk Brewery and Boxcar Brewery offer comfortable, welcoming environments for social play. At our events, you will always find good beer, great games, and even better people.

GameNight Tournaments

Awaken your competitive spirit with one of our video game tournaments! Our GameNight Events feature Madden and Super Smash gaming tournaments. Show off your skills, win cash prizes or just sit back and cheer on your favorite gamer!

Make sure to bring your A game, because the competition is fierce.

We Have Other Games Too!

Board Games

We all love video games, but there’s nothing quite like the tactile feel of a classic board game. Nothing quite beats the sensation of rolling a handful of dice or the sweet satisfaction of moving your piece into a victory position.

Whether you’re looking for something straightforward and nostalgic or a game that requires a little more strategy, you’re guaranteed to find a board game you will love at our GameNight Events.

Card Games

More than child’s play, card games are a staple of any good game night. Nothing beats the thrill of hiding that perfect trick card up your (metaphorical) sleeve.

Pull up a chair, grab a beer, and break out your deck. Whether your game is Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, or Yugi-oh.

Don’t play CCGs? Grab a standard deck of cards and play some blackjack or Go Fish. Cards Against Humanity is always a solid choice if you’re down for a laugh or three.

Level Up with GameTruck Cherry Hill’s GameNight Events

Don’t miss out! Whether you are a video game-loving couple looking for a fun date night idea or a West Chester University student looking for a new place to hang out with friends or meet new like-minded people, you are guaranteed to have a blast at our GameNight Events.

If you have any questions or just want more information, contact GameTruck Cherry Hill at (866)253-3191 or email Mike at

Don’t forget to follow the GameNight Events Facebook page for future dates and announcements!