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board game turned video game battleship

We did as well! We decided to play and compare two classic board games. First, we played Apples to Apples the board game, then the video game. We wanted the traditional feel to distinguish the difference between the two mediums. The second set we tried was Battleship. Like Apples to Apples, We played Battleship the board game first, followed by the video game.

Apples to Apples- Board Game

This board game is for 4-10 players and takes less than 30 minutes to play. Inside the box are the red cards, green cards, and the rule sheet. These rules aren’t very complicated which makes this game a lot of fun to play. To start the game, give each player seven red cards. When each player has seven cards, you will need to choose someone to start being the judge. This judge will change from round to round so everyone will get a turn.

You can now start the game by flipping over the first green card. Each player will place a red card, anonymously, except for the judge. The goal is to have your red card get picked by the judge so you can tailor which cards you play to the personality of the judge.

This game is fun to play and usually ends with a ton of laughs. Whoever wins the green card, will then be the judge. This game continues until one player earns the agreed upon limit of green cards.

Apples to Apples- Video Game

In the video game, it starts by giving you a tutorial on how to play and use the controller. Similar to the board game, you choose which red card is most like the green card, and if the judge selects the same one, you win!

You are given 32 seconds for each level and your time limit rolls over from round to round. It may not seem like enough time but don’t worry; you can gain extra time by winning. On the other hand, if the judge does not pick your card and you lose, time will be deducted from your already depleting time limit

Battleship- Board Game

In this board game, players get to place their ships on a grid-like ocean. These ship pieces are small so be careful not to lose them! Place your opponent in front of you so they cannot see your laptop like battle station. After placing your ships, you can start the game.

Call out where you want your ship to fire by saying positions like “D6” or “A4”, and if your opponent has a boat there, they must tell you that you’ve hit their ship and put a placeholder of where the vessel was hit. This game can be very frustrating but is a ton of fun!

Battleship- Video Game

They added awesome features to the video game that the board game did not. You can play online with other people, so you never have to worry about finding someone to play with you. First thing first, place where you want your ships located.

After placing your ships, you can start to fire upon the enemy ships, one square at a time. This game has some simple, but pretty cool graphics. Keep in mind; each fleet does something different, so strategy is a big part of this game.

Know of any other board games turn video games?

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