10 Summer Family Activities (that won’t break the bank)

Summer is for new, fun-filled adventures! Need help coming up with family time ideas that’ll entertain the whole family without spending a lot of money? Are you struggling to come up with activities that would appeal to your kids? Try one (or all) of these awesome ideas!

  1. Create & Perform a Play

Tailor this idea to fit your child’s interests. Writing the script, creating the set, acting, and directing all can be explored in this event. Let your child explore their creative side with the dramatic arts in a fun, laid-back way that the whole family and extended family can enjoy. 

  1. Squirt Gun Painting

Unleash the inner artist with this unique approach to painting! You’ll need some paper, an easel, watercolors, and of course, that deadly weapon. 

  1. Gelly Ball

This safe, fun alternative to airsoft and paintball will entertain your kids for hours. The best part? There’s NO mess! Let us help you create this awesome summer experience with our gear, obstacles, various types of missions, and expert game coaches. Click here to see if your local GameTruck offers Gelly Ball. For more cool information on Gelly Ball, click here

  1. Make a Time Capsule

Memories are priceless, and that’s what’s special about this idea. Your kid(s) will love getting to put this together, and will cherish the moment you get to open the capsule as a family in the future. 

Bonus Idea: Make a treasure map to where your capsule is buried.

  1. Volunteer as a Family in something that your child is passionate about

Help your child develop their sense of citizenship by volunteering as a family. Let them pick something they are passionate about. From walking dogs at the animal shelter to filling up a blessing box, there are numerous ways that kids can help make the world a better place. 

  1. Laser Tag

Grab some friends and host a Laser Tag Party! Whether it’s for adults, kids, or both, everyone will have a great time! Want help setting up and running the party? Check with your local Game Truck to see if they can help. They offer obstacles to transform your backyard into a thrilling combat arena, taggers, various exciting missions, a game coach to referee, and so much more! 

  1. Plant an Herb Garden

Want to teach your child a valuable life skill for pennies? Grab mason jars or old containers you have around the house, fill with dirt, and select some herbs. Each one presents a different benefit. Allow your child to help you research and pick which ones you’d like to plant. Make sure to store your garden on a windowsill or the patio!

  1. Flashlight Tag

Bust out those flashlights for some night-time fun! This game combines tag with hide an seek for a game that kids are sure to love! 

  1. Make an Aquarium

This fun craft is a great way to spend the afternoon. 

You will need…

  • Mason Jars
  • Water and Blue Food Coloring 
  • Decorations: Plastic fish or aquatic life, plastic plants and rocks, and glitter (optional)


  • Place rocks, plants, and any other decorations first.
  • Fill with water. Add Food Coloring. (If you are using glitter, you may add it now). 
  • Add your fish. 

Gently swirl your craft to watch the aquarium come to life! 

  1.  A Water Pinata

Fill up a ballon with water, and get a cool, pleasant surprise when it breaks that doesn’t involve lots of sugar. Your kid(s) will love getting to break this pinata over and over again. 

Summer is the perfect time to create new memories everyday as a family! Give your kids a summer they’ll remember for years to come!